LG Gram: A champion in the featherweight category

There is perhaps no name more befitting this laptop other than Gram. While it’s nowhere near a gram, its lightness surprised me as I unboxed it. It looks like any other ultrabook, but weighs nothing like one. Weighing it at only 970g, I wonder if it’ll float like a feather if I drop it! (No, joking, please don’t try that.)

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PSA: LinkedScoop Scam (Deliveroo Is Involved!)

Recently, Deliveroo contacted us through their PR agency, LinkedScoop, to post a sponsored article. The article has since been taken down because we have realised it was a scam as no money was paid, and in its place, we are putting up a Public Service Announcement to warn fellow bloggers about working with them. Also, Deliveroo, by approving such a scam, is involved, and we are naming them so that our readers are aware of their unethical business practices and can choose to boycott them should they wish. Read on to find out more.
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Lifesense Band 2 Review

The Lifesense Band 2 by Axtro Sports is a sleek device that aims to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It incorporates a heart-rate sensor, sleep detection, pedometer (pace counter), and a run logger along with automatic tracking of calories burnt, all to help you achieve greater fitness. In this review I dive in and see whether it’s all it’s hyped up to be.

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Google WiFi launches in Singapore — First Use Impressions and Why It’s Exciting

This article was embargoed until 30 Aug. On the 28th of August, Google invited a small group of media to showcase what is their first official hardware foray into the Singaporean market — Google WiFi. What is Google WiFi, you ask? … Continue reading Google WiFi launches in Singapore — First Use Impressions and Why It’s Exciting