Twenty First Tech is in pseudo-hiatus

Wonder why we’re not posting as often as we used to? That’s because we’re in pseudo-hiatus. As much as we’d love to abandon our schoolwork, drop out of junior college and be full-time journalists, this is Singapore, not the United States, and we have our A Levels coming up this year. We’re not completely putting TFT on hold; we’re just posting when we can, which is not very often. This isn’t something that’s just happening now. We’ve been in this state since the start of the year, but we thought we should leave an article here just to let you guys know.

So bear with us as we try to bear the burden of schoolwork; you’ll be hearing more from us after the A’s are over.

The Twenty First Tech Team

Siege Glastimate Full-Coverage Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Review


Siege is no stranger to providing premium quality glass screen protectors for high-end smartphones, and we are no strangers to Siege. Our editors Shiv and Timothy have previously reviewed Siege’s Glastimate screen protectors for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 respectively and they seemed pretty happy with the experience. So when Siege requested for us to take a look at their latest offering for the iPhone 6, I was happy to oblige. Here’s my take on the full-coverage glass screen protector for the iPhone 6, as well as some thoughts on glass screen protectors in general – are they really worth the extra money?

Continue reading Siege Glastimate Full-Coverage Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Review

UAG Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Remember the time when you had no problems with a bulky casing (think of the likes of Griffin cases) to provide all-round protection to your phones, because your phone was so small for it to be of a concern? However, as phones have grown in size over the past few years, it may now be a little problematic if you wanted to use a similar casing – your big phone will become even bulkier. Will there even be space for it in your pockets? This is why I believe that as phones grow bigger, manufacturers will have to look at striking a balance between protection and portability. Here, we review the UAG Case for the iPhone 6 Plus, which I believe has indeed struck this balance I have been talking about.  Continue reading UAG Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Join us live at the LG G4 global unveiling tomorrow

The LG G4 is going to be unveiled officially tomorrow, and fortunately for us, Singapore is the chosen venue for the Southeast Asian regional launch. Twenty First Tech will be down to cover the event live, so do join us tomorrow morning at 10am on our Viber Public Chat here for the live stream!

If you’re impatient, there are already a couple of things that we know about the new flagship, including a genuine leather back and a f/1.8 rear camera. But we’ll get to know the full details of the actual device after a good night’s sleep. 

Join us live at Microsoft’s Surface 3 and Lumia 640 event in Singapore this Thursday

Twenty First Tech has been invited to Microsoft’s #bettertogether event, where we will likely be having some hands on time with the newly announced Surface 3 tablet as well as the Lumia 640 and 640XL from Mobile World Congress. The event is this Thursday, 16 April, starting at 7pm. We’ll be doing a live broadcast of the event via our Viber Public Chat here. Do join us then!

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