Instagram Unveils New Messaging App

Instagram has recently and quietly released a new app named “Bolt”, at first glance a rival to and clone of Snapchat. For readers not in the know, it allows users to send images and videos that self destruct after a certain amount of time, usually a few seconds. While it doesn’t appear to be particularly unique, especially when coming out so soon after the release of Facebook’s Slingshot, (at this juncture it is perhaps worth noting that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so one might wonder what Facebook is thinking by releasing two similar apps so close to each other), but it does have the advantage of Instagram’s 200 million or so active users.

At the moment, Bolt is exclusive to users in New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore, for both iOS and Android.

Is Bolt likely to be a success? Can it even compete with Snapchat? Share you thoughts below!


SBH80s Review | aptX® Saves The Day

I recently received the SBH80s from Sony, an SGD$158 pair of sleek and beautiful Bluetooth wireless earphones. I tested it out for about a week plus, and came away highly impressed with its form, but disappointed by its function, not entirely, but slightly, because of software quirks. Is it worth the money? Read on to find out what I think.

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LG G3 Review: Pop-eye


It is no secret that while LG is a massive family-owned conglomerate, it is widely viewed as the lesser of the two South Korean giants compared to Samsung. LG only really made their mark last year in October with the G2, and now they have launched the G3 in quick succession. The G3 is a stellar device, sporting a 1440p display spread over a mammoth 5.5 inches, but as it turns out, the enhanced display ends up being its Achilles’ heel instead.

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Nokia Lumia 635 Review: A Speedy Budget 4G Phone With Some Quirky Compromises

Microsoft has been hard at work with Windows Phone 8.1, and the first wave of next-generation Windows Phone devices are finally here. Leading the pack is the Lumia 630/635 duo, with the latest operating system loaded straight out of the box. Successors of the Lumia 620, the 630/635 promise “Big Features, Small Price”. But does this budget 4G phone have what it takes to dethrone the ever-so-successful Lumia 520? Our editor Nicholas finds out.


  • Quad core 1.2Ghz processor provides a speedy smartphone experience
  • There aren’t many 4G/LTE phones at this price range
  • Battery life is actually pretty good
  • Comes straight with WP8.1 and Lumia Cyan out of the box


  • 512MB of RAM means some apps/games may be incompatible
  • No front facing camera, no dedicated shutter key, no rear-facing flash
  • Lack of ambient light sensor and proximity sensor

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Destiny Beta now available for all PS+ and Xbox Live Gold Members

In a move that has surprised all of us, Bungie has decided to open up the Destiny Beta for everyone on the Playstation 3, 4, Xbox 360 and One – provided you have a PS+ or Xbox Live Gold membership.

A day ago, while many were rueing missing out on obtaining a download code for the Beta, Bungie threw the doors to its Beta wide open. Not only is this a welcome move from those desperate to play the game, but it is also great to see that Bungie is deciding to stress-test its servers in anticipation of the launch of the full game itself.

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Students: Ditch Google Docs, and use Office Online for your projects for a happier life

Project Work is something very unfortunate that all Junior College students will have to deal with. Last week, a teacher warned her class on the use of Google Docs, speaking of how it would destroy hours of painstaking formatting when converted into a Word document. Everyone just heeded the warning as an inevitable reality of life: That is what happens when you want to collaborate online.

Only it’s not.

You use Microsoft Office for your offline work. But when it comes to projects and online collaborations, you (reluctantly) switch to Google Docs, in favour of the real time collaboration that it offers. Google Docs was never the preferred option; it was just something that people saw as necessary for online work.

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