Students: Ditch Google Docs, and use Office Online for your projects for a happier life

Project Work is something very unfortunate that all Junior College students will have to deal with. Last week, a teacher warned her class on the use of Google Docs, speaking of how it would destroy hours of painstaking formatting when converted into a Word document. Everyone just heeded the warning as an inevitable reality of life: That is what happens when you want to collaborate online.

Only it’s not.

You use Microsoft Office for your offline work. But when it comes to projects and online collaborations, you (reluctantly) switch to Google Docs, in favour of the real time collaboration that it offers. Google Docs was never the preferred option; it was just something that people saw as necessary for online work.

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HTC One (E8) available from 26 July at S$658

I wasn’t very happy with HTC’s decision to launch the One (E8) over a month ago. Using the brilliant HTC One (M8) with a 90% metal body, the faster processor, superb UI and dazzling display as a baseline, they re-launched it in plastic but with a better camera. Understandably many One (M8) customers grumbled, but perhaps they will not now – the One (E8) will cost just S$658.

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Xiaomi Mi4 Announced – 16 GB for S$400 and 64 GB for S$500

MI stands for Mission Impossible. MI stands for Xiaomi. Now, the Mi4 is out, and for its competitors, it certainly does look like Mission Impossible. Priced at just S$400 for the 16 GB variant and S$500 for the 64 GB version, this phone is shaping up to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps as a giant killer. Read on to find out more about it.

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Nokia X screenshots

End of the line for Nokia Android phones, says Microsoft

All we can say is, well that was a short run. The Nokia X line – the first Nokia products to run Android – have been cancelled. Microsoft instead has plans to shift all of its efforts into the Windows Phone system, which really is not very surprising. When the Microsoft take-over had happened, many had predicted the Nokia X product being quashed immediately. While it took some time, Nokia X is finally dead.

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G3 Beat comparison

LG launches the G3 Beat, a smaller and less powerful G3

Unfortunately for the consumers at large, it seems that all OEMs except for Sony seem to equate a smaller chassis with inferior specs. The Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5 mini, HTC One mini, One mini 2 and LG G2 mini all have much worse specs than their larger cousins, and it seems their trend is set to continue with the G3 Beat.

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Things you never knew your phone could do | NFC Part 2

In this second part of the series (first part here), our editor Si Jie brings you more things that you never knew your phone could do with your phone’s NFC function. We hoped that you have tried out some of the things introduced in the previous article, and we will be bringing you more cool technology in this issue of Things You Never Knew Your Phone Could Do.

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