Viber updates app with iOS 7 redesign, launches on BB10

Popular Messaging And Voice App Viber Unveils Version 4.2 For iPhone With A Redesigned Look, A Bevy Of Feature Updates,
And Long Awaited BlackBerry 10 App

SINGAPORE – April 23, 2014, Viber, the leading mobile communications platform offering free messaging and HD-quality phone calls, announced today the release of its redesigned iPhone app that is designed for iOS 7, bringing multiple enhancements to iPhone users. The company has simultaneously released a new mobile app for BlackBerry 10, bringing Viber to BlackBerry’s latest OS with many of the most popular Viber features for the first time.

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Surface 2_Print

Microsoft Surface 2 Review – Past the Surface

Welcome to Twenty First Tech’s Review of the Microsoft Surface 2. Check out what we felt were hits, and what we felt were misses.


It’s been a rough ride for Windows RT. While Microsoft entered the arena to much fanfare in 2012, introducing their first ever tablet, the Surface RT, sales were much poorer than expected. The immature Windows RT platform, with its lack of apps and inability to run legacy Windows desktop apps, repelled manufacturers from producing Windows RT tablets, leaving only Nokia and Microsoft itself.

While the Surface RT might have been seen as a failure to many, Microsoft refused to give up on its tablet and pushed out the second generation Surface 2 a year later. With a faster Tegra 4 processor, 1080p screen and a slew of improved touch and type covers, the Surface 2 seems like a mighty contender in the tablet arena. But how does the tablet stack up against the competition? (Check out Should I Upgrade? Surface 2 vs Surface RT)

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Galaxy S5′s fingerprint sensor hacked [BGR]

Samsung has followed Apple in their footsteps and included a fingerprint sensor in their flagship Galaxy S5, however we weren’t very impressed. It was very picky in recognising fingerprints, and took much longer than having to simply dial in your PIN. Now, the news is set to get worse, with the BGR report below detailing how a loophole in the security has been found.

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The Future of Windows, Windows Phone and Truly Live Tiles

Love it or hate it, live tiles are here to stay. Yes, Microsoft’s bringing back the Start menu, but the fact is, for a unified system interface, live tiles are still going to be very much present. Still, some lament that the live tiles serve no functional purpose other than looking pretty, and providing a tad more information than your regular icons. So what can Microsoft do about live tiles to make them better?

A month back we reported that Windows Phone 8.5 would bring a live tile overhaul, and now it seems that this feature will be coming to Windows as well.
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