Canon EOS M10 Review: Pocket-sized shooter

What if you had your DSLR? What if you kept it’s sensor size at APS-C? And what if this camera was the size of the palm of your hand? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not, as we discovered. Read on to find out how we felt about the bite-sized Canon interchangeable-lens camera!  Continue reading “Canon EOS M10 Review: Pocket-sized shooter”


TP-Link NEFFOS Budget Smartphones Available in Singapore from $129

TP-Link has announced that it will be bringing in the Neffos C5 and C5L smartphones to Singapore through Lazada. Both phones seem to have rather large storage space, a decent processor for it’s entry level tier and slick cameras. The Neffos series bases itself on simplicity in its design by using polycarbonate composites and has an optimized curve that offers a rather good grip.

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