Why Microsoft bought Nokia

It’s been a dizzying week for Windows Phone. First there was the Amber update (we’ll be posting the review soon), a couple of app releases, the reappearance of the ATIV S, the launch of the Lumia 625, and now Microsoft has just acquired Nokia for $7.2billion. Don’t worry, the Android news will soon follow with pre-IFA announcements coming tomorrow (Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and Xperia Z1), and hopefully some iPhone news as we near the rumoured September 10 announcement date. But for now, let’s talk Microsoft, shall we? Continue readingWhy Microsoft bought Nokia

Nokia Lumia 625 to be available in Singapore this Thursday at COMEX

The Lumia 625 will be available this Thursday, 5th Sep at COMEX, and will be retailing at S$399 off contract. There is no word of the availability of the device on carrier contracts as of now, though it is confirmed that it will be available on Singtel and Starhub, as their stores have already started to display the device. Continue readingNokia Lumia 625 to be available in Singapore this Thursday at COMEX

Reminder: Final day to pre-order the Xperia Z Ultra

It's the final day for you to pre-order the Xperia Z Ultra before they start shipping it on the 3rd. If not, the Xperia Z Ultra will be available to the masses on 5 Sept at the COMEX show. Singtel and Starhub stores are already preparing for the launch, as Xperia Z Ultra dummies are popping all over their stores (picture above) For more details on the device...

Nokia Lumia Amber Update rolling out worldwide

Update (29 Aug 2013): The Lumia Amber update is currently available for most Singapore variants of the Lumia 820 and 920. Go to your settings and download it today.

Earlier today we’ve seen a dizzying amount of updates rolling out for a variety of Windows Phone devices around the globe. It started with the Lumia 920 beginning to roll out GDR2 for our friends down under on Telstra. We then pieced together this wasn’t going to be an isolated occurrence once reports of more Lumia 920s around the globe began seeing the update. Then Verizon and T-Mobile joined the action and started pumping out updates for the Lumia 928, the Lumia 521, and the Lumia 810. Continue readingNokia Lumia Amber Update rolling out worldwide

Google Murdered Microsoft’s YouTube app

The battle between Google and Microsoft has been raging on for the past few months. We first spoke about the release of an official YouTube app for WP8 mad by Microsoft, bringing with it a whole host of new features, and an experience comparable with iOS and Android. Then Google demanded that the app be removed as it didn’t comply to their standards. Several months later, and it seemed that Google and Microsoft had come to an agreement, and the YouTube app was back on the store just 2 days ago, with a WP7 version as well. However, a day after the app was launched, the app basically died and stopped working. Who did it? Google. Continue readingGoogle Murdered Microsoft’s YouTube app

HTC Singapore celebrates National Day, launches the HTC One in red

The HTC One is now available in Glamour Red. For those of you out there who find the traditional black and white too mundane, but do not wish to purchase a bulky cover for your slim and shiny device, this new colour option might be for you. Continue readingHTC Singapore celebrates National Day, launches the HTC One in red

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