Update (29 Aug 2013): The Lumia Amber update is currently available for most Singapore variants of the Lumia 820 and 920. Go to your settings and download it today.

Earlier today we’ve seen a dizzying amount of updates rolling out for a variety of Windows Phone devices around the globe. It started with the Lumia 920 beginning to roll out GDR2 for our friends down under on Telstra. We then pieced together this wasn’t going to be an isolated occurrence once reports of more Lumia 920s around the globe began seeing the update. Then Verizon and T-Mobile joined the action and started pumping out updates for the Lumia 928, the Lumia 521, and the Lumia 810.

The Lumia 920, 925, and 928 will get the Pro Camera app from the Lumia 1020. It includes many more settings for taking awesome photos. Glance screen will be coming to all devices except the 520/521 and 625. This allows users to wake up the phone with a double tap on the screen. Other features include flip-to-silence, double-tap to lock, and Storage Check, as well as FM radio (not for the 620 though).

It’s been dizzying to keep up, but what about our friends running devices like the Lumia 620, 720, and 820? When do you get your update?

Over at the Nokia Conversations blog they’ve informed the world that the GDR2/Amber updates for Lumia devices indeed is beginning a large rollout. The rollout is starting for the Lumia 920 and 820 in selected countries. But they expect the update to reach your Lumia before the end of the September.

That means if you didn’t see a post from us earlier today about a device you haven’t been forgotten just yet when it comes to GDR2/Amber. Although it certainly would appear that the priority is to get the update to devices with a larger install base first.

Nokia’s set up a support page where you can view your region and see the status of the rollout. All of Singapore’s devices are listed as “waiting for approval”, though the country variant of the Lumia 820 is listed as “Coming soon”.

You can check by going to Settings>Phone Update on your phone. Let us know when your device receives the update!

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