OnePlus 8 Singapore pre-orders go live today and last till 7 May. But as we said in our previous post, the pre-order deals can get a bit confusing. We break it down. Head over to Lazada if you want to check out the deals for yourself.

Two OnePlus 8 Singapore pre-order editions

OnePlus Singapore seems to be launching two “editions” for pre-order. Those who pre-order the “POP Up Box Edition” of the OnePlus 8 will get free OnePlus Bullets Wireless ZCyan sandstone case, and a nylon bumper case (valued S$149 total). But these are only in certain storage configurations and colours, and are in limited quantities.

If you miss the “POP Up Box Edition” or want a specific colour/configuration that’s not included, you’ll have to opt for a “Standard Box Edition” which only has a free sandstone case.

OnePlus 8 Singapore pre-order editions: summary

Both editions are going for the same price. But only certain storage configurations and colours are available for the obviously better POP Up Box Edition. Which ones are they?

OnePlus 8Onyx Black128GB8GB$998POP Up
OnePlus 8Glacial Green128GB8GB$998Standard
OnePlus 8Glacial Green256GB12GB$1098POP Up
OnePlus 8Interstellar Glow256GB12GB$1098Standard
OnePlus 8 ProOnyx Black128GB8GB$1298POP Up
OnePlus 8 ProGlacial Green256GB12GB$1398Standard
OnePlus 8 ProAquamarine Blue256GB12GB$1398POP Up

From what I gather, the POP Up edition is in limited quantities. It’s obviously the better deal, so if there’s a configuration that you like that’s part of this deal you should get it right away.

If your specific configuration isn’t part of the POP Up edition, tough luck. For instance, if you want the 128GB/8GB Galcial Green or the Interstellar Glow colour of the OnePlus 8, you’d have to get the standard edition. You simply can’t get the Interstellar Glow with all the free goodies present in the POP Up edition, which is a huge bummer.

Remember that when purchasing on Lazada you can use Shopback to get cashback on your purchase to save yourself some money.

Shift in strategy for OnePlus?

OnePlus has seen a shift in its strategy from its early “flagship killer” days. With the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, the company is now directly competing with industry leader Samsung in the premium Android segment.

Ironically, Apple released the iPhone SE for just $399 (S$649) the same week. We’ve directly compared the iPhone SE and OnePlus 8, to see what you get (and lose) from paying the extra $300 (S$349). I’ve also argued that the iPhone challenges us to rethink what we value in smartphones.

What do you think about the OnePlus 8? Should OnePlus go back to making more affordable phones? Let us know in the comments below.

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