Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review

Performance, Battery Life, Miscellaneous

The Note10+ is the best performing phone I have used to date, period. The Note10+ comes standard with 12GB of RAM, double that of my OnePlus 6T, and the number of apps that it can keep in memory is ridiculous. I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen the phone reload an app. The SoC in the Singaporean variant is Samsung’s own 7nm Exynos 9825, and it is comparable to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 in pretty much every way. 

Many people do not know this, but the type of flash storage on your phone has a major impact on the speed of the device, from things like installing and opening apps to the long-term speed of your phone. The Note10+ has the latest UFS 3.0 storage which is stupid fast, and apparently Samsung has made it even faster by switching to the F2FS file system, making it apparently the fastest storage on any Android phone.

Battery life on the 4300mAh battery is excellent, and I am able to make it comfortably through a day without ever worrying about charging the phone. Most notably, the phone ships with a USB-C to USB-C 25W charger in the box, which charges really quickly: it takes less than an hour to go from 40% to full in my testing, and you can even bump it up to 45W if you purchase the compatible brick from Samsung. This is a significant improvement from the Note9’s ancient QuickCharge 2.0 technology, which I criticised in my review of the Note9.

Other miscellaneous items that I haven’t mentioned include the wonderful haptics present on the device. Samsung has improved the vibration motor such that it is context-specific, providing satisfying little clicks when doing things like highlighting text. There is also an improved Samsung Dex, which now works on Windows and Mac for you to drag and drop items between your phone and your computer, or to access phone apps in windows on your computer. Previously, you would require a special dock and an external monitor and keyboard. Oh, and there’s a time-of-flight depth camera on the back of the Note10+ that is not present in the regular Note10. It’s meant to help in things like 3D capture or AR doodles, but its practical utility is not apparent to me at the moment.

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