This is going to be a rather short review. I’ve already reviewed the Jabra Elite 3 and Elite 7 Pro. And while those two were vastly different from each other, the Elite 7 Active is virtually identical to the Elite 7 Pro.

So instead of repeating myself, you can read my Elite 7 Pro review here, and in this article I will simply highlight the differences that I noticed between the Elite 7 Active and Elite 7 Pro.

But first, the specs.

Jabra Elite 7 Active Specifications and Features

  • 6mm drivers
  • ShakeGrip tech for secure fit; liquid silicone rubber + wing-free design
  • Adjustable ANC, HearThrough transparency mode
  • IP57 water and dust resistance
  • 8hr battery with ANC, 30hr with case
  • Fast charge: 5mins in case gives up to 1hr of playback
  • Qi Wireless charging support
  • Connect to your phone’s voice assistant or use the built-in Alexa
  • Multi-device connection support
  • Fully customisable EQ and controls via Jabra Sound+ app
  • Use either earbud
  • Bluetooth 5.2, Codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Colours: Black, Mint, Navy

Differences from the Elite 7 Pro

  • Microphones. The Elite 7 Pro features MultiSensor voice technology with 4 mics and bone conduction sensors for excellent voice quality during calls. The Elite 7 Active features 4 mics as well, but without the bone conduction technology. I found the microphones to be just fine despite this. The HearThrough mode also works just as well as on the Elite 7 Pro.
  • ShakeGrip. The Elite 7 Active features Jabra’s ShakeGrip tech for a secure fit during workouts. Apparently it’s a different material for the eartips called Liquid Silicone Rubber which are supposed to provide a firm grip without the need for wingtips. Though to be honest in practice I didn’t really notice a difference in snugness between these and the Elite 7 Pro. The fit is fine, and while they did move about a bit in my ear during a run, they never came close to falling off.
  • Sound. The Elite 7 Active provides good audio with no glaring issues. I do not have an Elite 7 Pro for A/B testing, but from memory I’d say that the Elite 7 Active do have greater bass and treble emphasis. This probably lends itself well to workout sessions. Personally, I did find the bass a bit much in some tracks, and the elevated highs can lead to sibilance in certain sounds. If you dislike this you can do full EQ adjustments in the Sound+ app.
  • Build material. The earbuds of Navy Elite 7 Active have a soft touch finish compared to the polished matte finish on the Elite 7 Pro. I personally really like this soft touch material and prefer it to the Elite 7 Pro. Though practically it doesn’t make much of a difference.

That’s basically it

Overwhelmingly, the thought that I kept having while using the Elite 7 Active is how similar they are to the Pro. They’re practically identical except for a few small changes. And that’s a good thing, given how much I love the Elite 7 Pro.

You still get the excellent active noise cancelling and HearThrough mode. You still get great sound and build. And you still get all the amazing features offered by the Jabra Sound+ app.

Perhaps the Elite 7 Active are even more enticing than the Elite 7 Pro, given that the Elite 7 Active retail for S$268 while the Pro cost S$318. Personally, if I were in the market for true wireless earbuds, the Elite 7 Active would be high on my list, even though I don’t work out as often as I’d like.

You can purchase the Jabra Elite 7 Active on Jabra’s website, Shopee, or Lazada.

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