Microsoft has recently announced a new line-up of Surface devices, and pre-orders for the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 went live in Singapore yesterday. But interestingly, there was no word about the Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds launching in Singapore.

We reached out to Microsoft Singapore for comment, and this was their response: “We continue to take a measured and phased approach to availability to meet customer demand and partner expectations. As of now, the Surface Headphones 2 and Earbuds are not available in market in Singapore.”

My understanding of this is that Microsoft has probably determined that there isn’t much demand for these two products in the Singaporean market, and so decided to leave them out of this initial launch. Instead they’re focusing their marketing efforts on the Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3, which are likely to be more popular.

So it looks like you won’t be able to purchase the Surface Headphones 2 or Surface Earbuds in Singapore, for now at least.

The PR spokesperson that we contacted added, “That said, we’ll keep you posted should these two products come to the Singapore market.” Which means that it is possible for Microsoft to release these products eventually, if the market calls for it.

What do you think about Microsoft’s choice to leave out the Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds from their Singaporean launch? Would you be interested in purchasing them if they did launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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