Fans of LG will be disappointed to know that the LG Velvet will not be launching in Singapore

We have a long history of reviewing LG phones on this site. The last LG phone that I reviewed was the LG G7+ ThinQ back in 2018.

But I haven’t heard from LG Singapore regarding their phones in a long time. Given the recent announcement of the LG Velvet, I reached out to LG’s PR representative to find out if they’re planning on brining the LG Velvet to Singapore, and the state of the LG mobile division in general.

I’ll cut straight to the chase. Their reply read, “From our understanding, the LG Velvet will not be available in SG.”

So there you have it: the LG Velvet will not be coming to Singapore. And it seems like you shouldn’t expect any LG smartphones in Singapore any time soon.

In a separate email, the representative wrote, “The mobile category has taken a back seat in Singapore and we don’t have sight from HQ how it will continue”.

It is unfortunate that LG has pulled out of the Singaporean smartphone market. They did and continue to produce phones with interesting features such as dual screen accessories, and headphones jacks(!). The LG Velvet was shaping up to be an interesting mid-range phone and we’re sad that we won’t be able to get our hands on it.

Do you have any fond memories of LG? Are you sad that they left the Singaporean market? Would you purchase an LG Velvet otherwise? Let us know in the comments below!

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