It’s been far too long coming, but it’s finally coming in its official capacity. Netflix, global giant in the TV and movie streaming division, has finally announced its decision to offer its services in countries like Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Until now users in Singapore were forced to use VPNs, such as the one offered by MyRepublic, to access Netflix but now there will be no need for such hassle.

However, only a “curated selection of TV shows and films” will be available according to a Netflix statement. Knowing the strict Singapore censorship laws, the Media and Development Authority (MDA) will certainly be stepping in to “curate” the content. This isn’t the way Singaporeans wanted to hear the news of an official Netflix launch in Singapore, and it will be interesting to see how much of the controversial TV shows and films will be displayed here.


Los Gatos, Calif., 9 September 2015 – Netflix, Inc., the world’s leading Internet television network, announced today it will expand into Singapore in early 2016 as it moves to complete its global rollout by the end of 2016.

Once launched, Internet users will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of popular TV shows and movies in high-definition or even Ultra HD 4K on nearly any Internet-connected screen. Additionally, younger viewers will find a wide selection of programming for kids.

“As the central hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a sophisticated and diverse place that will find much to love about the Netflix service,” said Reed Hastings, chief executive officer of Netflix. “The combination of increasing Internet speeds and availability of smart phones and TVs will provide consumers with the anytime, anywhere ability to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix.”

Netflix will open an office in Singapore in coming months, making it the hub for its expanding operations in Asia.


Netflix also said it will launch service in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan in early 2016.

With a constantly improving user experience, advanced personalization technology and a curated selection of TV shows and films, Netflix members are able to create their own viewing experience and can easily discover new favorites, while reconnecting with popular characters and stories.

Netflix members connected to the Internet can watch whenever, wherever they like, and on any Netflix-ready device they choose. Members can start watching on one device, pause, and then pick up where they left off on another, at home or on the go.

Netflix will be available at launch on smart TVs, tablets and smartphones, computers and a range of Internet-capable game consoles and set-top boxes. Additional details on pricing, programming and supported devices will be available at a later date. Consumers can sign up to be alerted when Netflix is available on

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