The Little Red Dot, a fascinating competitor in the health and fitness scene based in Singapore

Based in Singapore, SMARTMISSIMO, a new tech start-up brings you the world’s very first sports muscle stimulator that promises to deliver you shocking results.


Introducing the PowerDot

The PowerDot is the name given to this red little device that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to improve athletic performance. Simply stick the electrodes on your target muscle and let the PowerDot do the work for you.



The PowerDot can be purchased as a single unit or as a pair, known as the PowerDot Duo (the need for 2 devices will be discussed later).
Within the package, you will find a PowerDot device, 4 pairs of electrodes and a USB cable for charging. It also contains a device holder for you to pack the PowerDot to bring with you anywhere you go.
Much to my surprise, the instruction manual is not found within the box, but online.


How it works

The PowerDot works by using EMS, which sends small currents of electricity through your target muscle groups to enhance bloodflow and stimulate small contractions in your muscles by mimicking the electrical impulses your brains sends to your muscles. Don’t worry, the currents being sent through your muscles are minute and are in no way harmful or unpleasant feeling.

Don’t worry, the currents in this device are in no way high enough to cause any sort of danger to you

In so doing, it can help you warmup the muscle before an intense workout or help with active recovery after a grueling one.
Even between workouts, it can help train muscles for endurance, strength and other modes of exercise by stimulating different types of muscle fibers.

How it looks

Unlike other big bulky EMS products, the PowerDot is small, stylish and without a doubt, fashionable. This attention catching crimson red eye candy is one of the device’s selling points.

The PowerDot’s Functionality: Putting the device to the test

The PowerDot can be activated by syncing the device to an iPhone or an android device. Once you have downloaded the app, there will be a vast array of workout options made available.


These include:
• Endurance
• Resistance I
• Resistance II
• Strength
• Explosive Strength
• Maximum Speed
• Active Recovery
• Potentiation
• General Massage
• Post-Workout Massage
• Anti-Stress Massage

Each mode configures the PowerDot to generate different strength and frequency of current to elicit different responses in each muscle group, enhancing each muscle for a different purpose.

For instance,

The current being used can be adjusted  according to one’s preference from a scale to 0-100. The electrodes cause a tingly sensation at 10 and anything above 20 would begin to cause involuntary small scale muscular  contractions, which is not a bad thing, but may be surprising and new for most the first couple of times.

Put those electrodes on your biceps and turning it up to 100 is probably not a good idea. You would probably end up flexing those guns automatically in a strange uncontrollable manner.

So, does it work?

To be completely fair, research shows that EMS does work in helping athletes gain strength and recover from workouts much faster than the placebo. However, such improvement take place over an extended period of time that last more than 8-12 weeks, which I have not used the PowerDot long enough to attest to it.

What I will say, is that I do note the reduced soreness after intense training sessions in the gyms, be it Olympic style explosive movements like the Clean and Presses, or simple activities such as the bicep curl. I tested out this feature by using potentiation(warm-up) and active recovery modes on my quadriceps (leg muscles) of my right leg and not on my left leg. After a week, I do notice that the right leg is significantly less sore than the left after training sessions.

In the long term, I do believe that this sweet little device could be the next hot thing in the fitness scene should future studies show the effectiveness of EMS.


The best thing I can say about the PowerDot is its portability. Its small and compact design allows you to bring it almost everywhere and even wear it under your office shirt to warm up your muscles in the office secretly before hitting up a great training session.

Some drawbacks

The PowerDot app and its connectivity was however, something I found could use some improvement. Despite being simplistic and easy to use, the connectivity of the smartphone and PowerDot could sure use some work. It often requires the PowerDot to be reset and restarted for it to work again.

Secondly, using one PowerDot is tedious because you can only train 1 muscle group at a time. Imagine taking 25 min for each quad (leg) muscle, that will take 50min just to train your front leg muscles, how long would that take to train your whole body? Hence I recommend getting the PowerDot duo, which will however cost alot more.


Nevertheless, the PowerDot is a great and unique device which is novel and the first of its kind. Would I recommend it? Sure, head right over to to secure your sweet little training device. However, if you are not training hard and are just seeking to get a device to do your work for you, don’t be lazy and get off the chair which you are seated in right now and walk a couple of rounds around the block.

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