Well, Singapore, looks like the new iPhones’ pricing is out – and it’s ugly. While the iPhone 6 is priced at a similar level to its competitor, the Z1 Compact (and soon the Z3 Compact), the iPhone 6 Plus is priced ridiculously high, costing nearly $300 more than other Android flagships. Read on to see the prices for yourselves.

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While all three local telcos have priced the iPhones close to each others’ prices and have offered similar perks (e.g. 4G VAS waivers), the fact is, the iPhone 6 Plus is a far cry from value-for-money — even when taking into account the “Apple Tax”.

Looking at the LG G3, another 5.5″ device with a higher resolution 1440p display, it is available on SingTel’s Combo 2 Plan for $498, a staggering $290 cheaper. The gulf widens when looking at the $63/mo Combo 3 Plan, where the G3 is on sale for $368 cheaper than the iPhone 6 Plus. What’s more, the G3 has a removable battery and a micro-SD card slot as well.

The Sony Xperia Z2, a waterproof device with a 5.2″ 1080p display, is available for even cheaper, costing just $488 on the Combo 2 Plan and $188 on the Combo 3 Plan where it is $60 cheaper than the LG G3.

What do you think about the iPhone pricing? Will you still consider it as your next device, or are you thinking of saving some money by switching to Android? If you still want the iPhone 6, head on over to pre-order it via our link here.

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