Samsung’s new S7 and S7 Edge — same same but different

At MWC earlier this morning, LG weren’t the only ones to unveil a new smartphone. Samsung has also released the next generation in the Galaxy S line, the S7. While their fellow Koreans went boldly all-out, Samsung has simply improved upon their previous offering, the S6. How are the S7 and S7 Edge then? Continue reading “Samsung’s new S7 and S7 Edge — same same but different”

Broken iPhone? No matter, just trade it in!

Previously if you busted up your iPhone, there was really no way you were going to be eligible for a trade-in. Apple has, until now, been pretty strict on that policy. But that’s changed.¬†You can now hand it over to Apple for “store credit” towards a new iPhone. Continue reading “Broken iPhone? No matter, just trade it in!”

StarHub launches direct carrier billing

Good news for Android and Windows Phone users!

Continue reading “StarHub launches direct carrier billing”