Google approves first Cyanogen Phone

It was a decision that had many Android geeks holding their breaths, with the biggest ones being held by the team of Cyanogen Inc. About three months ago, Cyanogen Inc. (then simply CyanogenMod) had announced the decision to go incorporated, and had announced a tie-up with an OEM we now know to be Oppo. They had then applied for verification from Google to allow the users of their own version of Android to use Google services, the most important being the Play Store. Well, guess what? Google has given Oppo and Cyanogen Inc the go-ahead to release the first Cyanogen phone.

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Mid-range battle of 2014: Samsung vs HTC vs Sony vs LG vs Nokia

Following our 2014 Flagships shootout, we decided something was lacking. Not everyone can afford flagship phones, or simply are more budget-conscious, and so we’ve decided to launch our second shootout for 2014 smartphones: mid-range offerings.

Most people looking for mid-range phones either cannot afford flagships, or they don’t use their devices enough to warrant paying the prices for flagships. If you are one of these people, or want a mid-range phone for whatever reason, read on.

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