Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE Review – An affordable Ace of Spades?


Not everyone has the fortune of being able to win the latest flagship device, or the money to buy one. The fact is most people worldwide dare to splurge on a brand-new flagship only once every two or three years. However, there are still many who do not feel like spending much on their mobile devices, or can only afford to spend very little, and hence settle on devices such as the one we are reviewing today – Samsung’s latest in the very affordable Ace line, the Galaxy Ace 3 LTE. Released 14 months after the Ace 2, it is a significant improvement over its predecessor. While the Ace 2 had a poor 800 MHz dual-core processor, the Ace 3 LTE has upped the clock speed by 50%. The RAM has also been increased from 768 MB to a full gigabyte, amongst other improvements. Before we get going though, let’s have a close look at the Ace 3’s specifications.

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LG G Flex: First Impressions

In today’s saturated smartphone market, there are few innovations one can make. Perhaps, the last major innovation for smartphones has to be the introduction of the iPhone – a release that shook up the whole face of mobile devices. LG claims that it has got the next revolution right at hand, and they might actually be correct. Please welcome, the LG G Flex.

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