Sudio Regent Review

The last time we wrote about Sudio, the Swedish headphone company, we were taking a look at the wireless earphones Sudio Vasa BlÄ.

Now, Sudio has a new product – a pair of gorgeous on-ear bluetooth headphones.

The Regent is designed to be both portable and fashionable, while also providing great audio quality. Sudio promises all three at a price of S$229, which is relatively low for headphones of this type.

Does the Regent keep up with its promises, and is it worth spending your money on? Let’s find out.

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Jabra Move Wireless Review: Great Sound At A Great Price

The Jabra Move Wireless is a pair of on-ear headphones made by Jabra and retailing for S$148 in Singapore. And, like many other headphones that Jabra makes, they’re Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology has improved by leaps and bounds since years past, and the Move is just another example of that. At S$148, they’re positioned as a decently-priced entry level set of Bluetooth headphones, and I can’t say they disappoint.

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