Fleksy — the best keyboard an iPhone can have

One of the great things about iOS 8 was that Apple finally opened up keyboards to third party developers. And while most of you will be content with the default iOS keyboard or with the more famous SwiftKey, there is one keyboard that I’ve found to be truly exceptional.  Continue reading “Fleksy — the best keyboard an iPhone can have”

Telegram vs WhatsApp – Which is Better?

There are tons of instant messaging services out there, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, Messenger and many more. Which instant messaging app is the best? Well, we have narrowed it down to Telegram and WhatsApp, the 2 most popular and reliable apps on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Continue reading “Telegram vs WhatsApp – Which is Better?”

The tale of Flipboard: Why Windows Phone is still struggling to catch up

It took 449 days for Flipboard to shuffle its way onto Windows Phone. Ever since its announcement with the Lumia 1020 (that old thing that runs on a Snapdragon S4 Plus), Windows Phone users have been waiting eagerly for the app to arrive on the platform. Well it’s finally here after four hundred and forty nine days, and guess what? It doesn’t flip.

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App Highlight: BlastOut

BlastOut is a free app that’s actually pretty cool and innovative. It’s a social media app developed by Singaporeans Daniel Chia and Cynthia Siantar, and it promises to empower users to create their very own exclusive social network for their private events. Read on to find out more.

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Just on time for Valentine’s Day: apps for Windows Phone

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Nokia has several apps for all you romantic Windows Phone users out there.

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The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird

You know Flappy Bird. The goddamn bird that’s been occupying the minds of the weak and strong alike, taking over the world’s citizens in droves, possibly causing insomnia-related health visits to rise worldwide. Who will save us? Ironically, its end will be brought about by none other than its creator. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is going to be shut down, completely voluntarily, by Dong Nguyen, who’s already earned half a million from it, and could easily earn another half a million. Read past the break to find out our take on this.

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