Deliveroo App Review

We all love having something good to eat. We can look forward to a certain meal for a long time, whether that’s one we make ourself, one prepared by a friend or family member, or if we get it at our favourite restaurant. We can have little variety in our cuisine or we can constantly be trying different things, if that’s that’s buying things from a store or going to different eateries. A restaurant can be a magical place as we will go there knowing we will receive quality food that we couldn’t possible make ourselves. Visiting such a place regularly can be a real treat but sometimes you can’t make it there. If you’re busy, tired, at a convenient spot or whatever, you may want some of your favourite food but you can’t go there.

Things have changed though. Deliveroo is here.
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Lifesense Band 2 Review

The Lifesense Band 2 by Axtro Sports is a sleek device that aims to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It incorporates a heart-rate sensor, sleep detection, pedometer (pace counter), and a run logger along with automatic tracking of calories burnt, all to help you achieve greater fitness. In this review I dive in and see whether it’s all it’s hyped up to be.

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Google WiFi launches in Singapore — First Use Impressions and Why It’s Exciting

This article was embargoed until 30 Aug. On the 28th of August, Google invited a small group of media to showcase what is their first official hardware foray into the Singaporean market — Google WiFi. What is Google WiFi, you ask? … Continue reading Google WiFi launches in Singapore — First Use Impressions and Why It’s Exciting