Microsoft Lumia 535 Review: 5x5x5 budget smartphone


As Microsoft’s first Lumia phone since its acquisition of Nokia’s hardware division, the Lumia 535 defines Microsoft’s target market – the fast-growing low-end market. As yet another budget phone that provides a whole lot for its $199 retail price, can it differentiate itself from the wildly popular Lumia 520, or will it ultimately live in its spiritual predecessor’s shadow?

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Moto G (2014) Review


When the original Moto G launched, it was lauded for providing stock Android at superb speeds for just S$318 and became Motorola’s best-ever selling device. However, it had some shortcomings such as the lack of a micro-SD card slot and did not have the best of battery lives. Read on to find out what we thought about the refreshed version one year on.

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The future of Windows 10: summary of everything that was announced

Last night at 1 AM, Microsoft gave us a deeper look into Windows 10. Windows 10 itself isn’t news, since Microsoft has already released a public preview last October. But as we near the official consumer release date, Microsoft has decided to update us on what’s changed since its initial conception, including a closer look into Windows 10 for phones and tablets. Want to find out more? We’ve summarised the most important news into this article.

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CES 2015 Round-up – Asus, LG and Dell steal the show

Computer Electronics Show. The biggest annual electronics fair in the world, it attracts over 3000 exhibitors, 150 000 attendees and occupies nearly 2 million square feet of space every year without fail. It is a tiring effort to keep up with all the product launches and announcements, so we have decided to summarise CES for you right here.

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Canon EOS 70D Review – Enthusiast Snapper


Canon announced the EOS 70D last year in July, which got everybody excited. It featured a brand new sensor, with a larger pixel count, and was aimed at enthusiast photographers. It replaced the EOS 60D which had launched 3 years ago, and added dual-pixel CMOS Autofocus which made it a very good video camera as well.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan Review: One Year Later


One year ago, I reviewed the Lumia 1520 and was left thoroughly impressed with its all-round flagship performance. Now, a year later, the Lumia 1520 still remains Nokia’s (or Microsoft Mobile’s) best Windows Phone to date (sorry, Lumia 930). So we’ve decided to revisit the Lumia 1520 to see how well it has aged after all these months, and more importantly, whether you should still get one.

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