Viber overhauled for WP8, adds Sticker Market support

Well it seems like the popular messaging service Viber has been updated for Windows Phone 8, with some great new features, that puts it (almost) on par with that of other platforms. Check out the Press Release further on to find out what’s new:

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Check out these Windows Phone fitness apps for the Chinese New Year

Afraid that you’ll put on a kilogram or two after the Lunar New Year? Fret not, Nokia has been promoting some apps to keep you healthy and fit (supposedly).

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South Korea bans unremovable mobile bloatware

Android lovers (or simply S. Korean ones), here’s a piece of good news for you. The South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning¬†has banned¬†the common practice of mobile manufacturers and networks putting un-removable apps on smartphones.

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How much storage does your phone ACTUALLY give you?

Last May it was revealed with much furore that the Samsung Galaxy S4 only came with 8.6 GB of storage free out of the advertised 16 GB. As customary of Samsung, it had been stuffed with tonnes (7.4 GB to be precise) of bloatware and unnecessary TouchWiz functions. TouchWiz is so bloated, in fact, that many S4s have been brought to their knees, with RAM processors at an all time high. That’s the reason Samsung had to go with 3 GB of storage on the Note 3 – while others can manage with 2 GB, TouchWiz needs 3.

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Lumia 525 Review – A Cheap and Decent Budget Phone

The Lumia 525, an upgrade over the Lumia 520, is a budget device retailing at only SGD$249 off contract, which offers great value at a really low price in comparison to other budget phones today. With 1GB of RAM, it can run most apps on the Windows Marketplace now, and it performs decently at most tasks. It has great value, and for a budget phone, has amazing value. This phone isn’t for a techie, but for a person looking to get his or her first smartphone, this would be great, except for the fact that it has a really disappointing battery life that, while disappointing to one who uses a flagship device, will be downright pathetic to one who uses a dumbphone which lasts days on a charge.

Lumia Black – What’s new?


When the Lumia 1520 and 1320 were revealed during Nokia World on Oct 22 2013, Lumia Black was also revealed, with availability expected to be January 2014. True enough, Nokia has been rolling out the update for the past few weeks, starting with the Lumia 1020 and 925. As of the point of writing, the 920, 820, and the 625 are also receiving the update. Hopefully, the update will roll out to the rest of the Lumia line soon enough.

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The world is more than just Apples and Samsungs


Open your eyes Singapore, the world is more than just Apples and Samsungs.

If you’re a Singaporean reading this article, chances are you own an iPhone or a Samsung device. These are the two manufacturers which are most popular and commonly seen in Singapore. But the world is not just Apples and Samsungs.

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