My Love-Hate Relationship with Windows Phone


A cousin of mine once walked up to me and said, “You know what people say about Windows Phone?..”


He was right though, to a certain extent. While Windows Phone has secured 3rd spot in the mobile OS war, many people are still ignorant to the existence of the OS. And while I’ve seen more and more people using Windows Phones in public, few are actually satisfied with their phones. I’m one of those few. Or at least I was.

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A Windows Phone user’s iOS 7 Experience


Before we begin, there are a few points to note about this article. The first is that this isn’t a “Windows Phone 8 VS iOS 7” article, but rather it focuses on my thoughts and experiences of using the iOS platform after transitioning from Windows Phone. The other thing to note is that I transitioned from a Lumia 820 to an iPhone 4S (yes, no fancy fingerprint-scanning 5s here, not even an iPhone 5). I understand that the user experience might be affected by the aged hardware of the iPhone 4S, but I will try and write this article strictly as a software comparison, and will try my best to ignore any shortcomings in hardware.

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Google Murdered Microsoft’s YouTube app

The battle between Google and Microsoft has been raging on for the past few months. We first spoke about the release of an official YouTube app for WP8 mad by Microsoft, bringing with it a whole host of new features, and an experience comparable with iOS and Android. Then Google demanded that the app be removed as it didn’t comply to their standards. Several months later, and it seemed that Google and Microsoft had come to an agreement, and the YouTube app was back on the store just 2 days ago, with a WP7 version as well. However, a day after the app was launched, the app basically died and stopped working. Who did it? Google. Continue readingGoogle Murdered Microsoft’s YouTube app

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