Sudio has just launched its successor to the Sudio Tolv, the Sudio T2. At S$179, the headlining feature is active noise cancelling (ANC) at a relatively affordable price. Let’s see if they deserve a recommendation.

  • Jabra Elite 3, Sudio T2, Galaxy Buds+

Sudio T2 Specifications and Features

  • 8mm drivers
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Sweat and splash proof (no official IP rating)
  • 7.5 hr battery life, 35 hrs with case (without ANC)
  • With ANC, 6.5 hr battery life
  • Quick charge: 2 hours of playtime from 10mins in case
  • Bluetooth 5.2, SBC codec
  • Colours: Jade, White, Black, Sand

Design & Build

The case of the Sudio T2 is made of a soft touch material reminiscent of the Nexus 5. It’s got a texture that feels more premium than both the glossy plastic of the Galaxy Buds+ and the matte plastic of the Jabra Elite 3. The case is one of the most solid I’ve seen, with no audible creaking or rattling of any kind. The Sudio logo is carved into the front, while the back houses the USB-C port and LED charging indicator.

Size-wise, the case isn’t as compact as some newer earbuds on the market, such as the aforementioned Jabra Elite 3. It’s still perfectly fine for tossing into a bag, but the thickness of the case means it’s ever slightly more uncomfortable in the pocket.

One thing I wish Sudio had done was to make the attached lanyard removable. Personally, I have no use for it and find that it gets in the way. As it stands, I find no way of removing it without cutting it off.

The buds themselves are made from the same soft touch material as the case. Media controls are enabled via the aluminum touchpads on either earbud, with fairly standard touch controls.


The Sudio T2 sounds surprisingly good. It has more detail than the Jabra Elite 3 that I recently reviewed, and I think it stands toe-to-toe with the Galaxy Buds+. This was surprising given that the Sudio T2 only supports the SBC codec, which is basically the worst Bluetooth codec there is. In contrast, the cheaper Elite 3 supports aptX, while the Galaxy Buds+ support AAC.

The sound signature on these is certainly more neutral and pleasant sounding than the warm and general muddiness of the Elite 3. In general, they sound more neutral than the Galaxy Buds+, which are brighter.

I think the upper-mids are where the Sudio T2 perform the best. Vocals in tracks such as my future by Billie Eilish sound intimate. Bass in general is slightly recessed, with a large bloom somewhere in the low to sub bass region which makes it sound a little hollow and rumbly depending on the song that you’re listening to. Highs are ok, though there are definitely some peaks which could make certain tracks sound a little sibilant and at times grainy.

Overall though, I’d say that the sound is pleasant for S$179. The T2 is perhaps the best pair of earphones that I’ve tried from Sudio, beating out the Sudio Nio and Sudio Ett.


I’ll keep this review short as there isn’t really much to say about these earphones. Here’s the rest of my observations:

  • ANC can be turned on by tapping and holding on the left earbud. It works fine but isn’t very noticeable let alone powerful. From my memory of the Sudio Ett, I’d say it’s similar. They’re certainly not on the level of Sony’s or AirPods Pro. There is some cancellation of the lower notes, but higher notes won’t be cancelled out much.
  • There’s also a transparency mode which works extremely well. Everything sounds natural and speech is audible. It’s definitely much better than the Jabra Elite 3 and the Galaxy Buds+.
  • An issue with the ANC and transparency mode toggle is the time that it takes to activate — 4 whole seconds. That’s a rather awkward pause if you want to have a quick conversation with someone. In practice you’d just take the earphones out of your ear.
  • Battery life is a claimed 7.5 hours of continuous listening without ANC, 6.5 hours with. With the case and no ANC, it’s a total of 35 hours. From my testing I have no reason to doubt these claims.
  • The beamforming 4-microphone array provides pretty good voice quality.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 provides good connectivity, with no drop-off even when my phone is in the adjacent room.
  • A total of 4 sizes of eartips come with the device. Fit is not an issue.
  • You can use either earbud while the other is in the case

Pricing & Conclusion


  • Pretty good sound
  • ANC for less than S$200
  • Good transparency mode
  • Solid build quality, clean design
  • Sweat and splash proof


  • Case could be thinner
  • SBC codec
  • No app for firmware updates, settings customisation, or EQ
  • ANC and transparency mode toggle takes too long to activate

This is a rather simple review. Are the Sudio T2 worth S$179? Absolutely. Should you get the Sudio T2? It depends.

If you want something cheaper, the Jabra Elite 3 cost S$50 less. They don’t have ANC, but they have other features that the Sudio T2 doesn’t have like IP55 water and dust resistance, aptX codec, Alexa / Google Assistant support, Google Fast Pair, and a comprehensive app with settings and EQ options. I do think that the Sudio T2 sound much better though.

And you don’t have to pay full price anyway with our discount code TFT. Just apply the code at checkout and get 15% off your order. That’s almost S$27 off, making the earphones just ~S$152. That’s a pretty great deal if you ask me. FYI, we don’t get any monetary kickback from the code, and this post isn’t sponsored in any way. You can purchase the Sudio T2 on Sudio’s website.

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