It sure took them a while, but hey – at least it came to Singapore, something that can’t  be said for any previous Nexus smartphone. Android purists in Singapore should be rejoicing, as now they can purchase the device with warranty and without having to jump through a million hoops though the price tag might cause some to reconsider. The days of the cheap Nexus seem to be over.

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Key Features

  • 5.92″ Quad-HD (1440p) AMOLED display (443 ppi) – The Nexus 6 is decidedly a phablet with a massive display, even beating out the mighty Note 4‘s 5.7″, albeit at a cost of pixel density.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 –  The S805 is a quad-core SoC clocked at 2.7 GHz and paired with the Adreno 420 for graphics processing. Though now Qualcomm has released the 64-bit, octa-core S810, the S805 is not plagued with thermal issues we have seen in the S810. RAM is at a healthy 3 GB, more than enough for stock Android.
  • 13 MP Camera – Not a large megapixel count by any means, it should be enough but the Nexus and Motorola devices have never been known for stellar imagery. It is accompanied with a 2 MP front-facing camera and a dual-ring flash.
  • 3200 mAh battery – The battery capacity might seem small considering it is non-replaceable and powers a giant QHD screen, though the efficiency of the S805 does make up some ground over the poor battery-life LG G3 and its S801.
  • 32 GB storage – While the US of A and select countries do get a 64 GB variant as well, there is no word yet if it will be coming to Singapore (we’ve contacted the retailers to check on this). Unfortunately, the Nexus 6 lacks a micro-SD card slot, so entertainment and gaming buffs might find 32 GB too little.

Price and Availability


In Singapore, the Nexus 6 is available from tomorrow, 28 February, in 32 GB, Midnight Blue or Cloud White colours, and retails for S$998 exclusively through open channel (retail stores). It will also be available directly from Google’s online store here.

Options, options

There are certainly very strong phablet offerings already out there, most notable being the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which comes with a stylus. There is also the LG G3, and much cheaper Oneplus One though the latter is not available in Singapore (you can get one in Malaysia, though).

What do you think of the Nexus 6’s arrival in Singapore? Will you be getting one as your next device? Leave your comments below!

For more information on the Nexus 6, please visit Google’s official Singapore website here.

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