It’s about bloody time. While non-Asians have been gallivanting around with their games, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan citizens have been stuck on the Xbox 360. But not anymore – the Xbox One will be dropping in Singapore on September 23.

Microsoft will be selling its newest console here at S$639,  going head-to-head with rival Sony Playstation 4 which has been selling at the exact same price since last November. Thankfully, this is one area where we don’t lose out to our American counterparts who have been forced to pay US$100 extra for the Xbox One over the PS4 without having an alternative, until recently.

All of the territories will get the consoles with an Xbox One controller and 14 days of free Xbox Live Gold service included.

For Singapore, there is also the Kinect set which comes with the Kinect sensor bar for playing motion sensing games on the Xbox One and this will cost an extra $100 at $739.

In Taiwan. the Xbox One will be priced at NT$12,980 ($541), while Hong Kong residents will buy the console at HK$3,380 ($545). Both prices are without the Kinect hardware and there’s no word if the console will be sold with the add-on in those territories.

With the recent launch of Halo Master Chief Collection, and Halo 5: Guardians on its way next year, the Xbox One might actually claw back significant market share from the PS4. With the Halo series single-handedly supporting the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, we might see the same happen with the Xbox One.

What do you think about the Xbox One? Is its launch too late for you, or will you still be buying it over the PS4?

Source: Tech in Asia

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