Just under a month after the launch of the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2, LG is ready to follow suit. They have just confirmed with us that the successor to the highly acclaimed LG G2 will be launching worldwide at the end of next month, which means a competition free release window.

The main program will be taking place in London on May 27 with simultaneous events scheduled in New York and San Francisco. On May 28, unveiling events will also be held in Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul as well.

The LG G2
The LG G2

LG acknowledged it plans to release the G3 within the second quarter of 2014 in its earnings report filed yesterday. It is already know the phone will be available in a gold color, and the invitation from LG appears to have been set in a dark brushed aluminum surface, potentially hinting at the company using a premium new material.

Moving to a metal case would indeed be a significant change for LG’s phones, which have typically been constructed out of plastic. This would present a huge boost for consumers who have seen the precedent set by Apple, HTC and Sony.

Echoing Samsung’s tagline about the S5 taking the Galaxy line of Android phones back to basics, LG’s teaser message reads, “To be simple is to be Great.” We don’t know what this will spell for the User Interface or specs, but all that will be clear in a month.

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