Samsung releases first Tizen smartphone

After several delays, Samsung has finally launched its first Tizen-powered smartphone, the simply named Samsung Z. Designed to replace the Android OS on their smartphones, Tizen is Samsung’s own operating system designed to give Samsung independence from Google.

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The new TouchWiz is impressive, but what does it mean?

Samsung’s changing TouchWiz to look like Tizen such that when they finally make the switch, the average consumer wouldn’t even notice.

When the Galaxy S5 was announced at MWC in February, several manufacturers took a jab at it. The heart rate monitor seemed redundant; the back of the device was often compared to a band aid; and TouchWiz didn’t get the major overhaul that it was leaked to have. We here at Twenty First Tech were a little disappointed too – until we got our hands on it at the launch event last week that is.
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Samsung chairman asks staff to focus more on software than hardware

Samsung Electronics’ chairman, Lee Kun-hee, is calling for his company to forget its old business models and focus on a new wave of software innovation. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Lee used his annual New Year’s speech to urge the company to “get rid of business models and strategies from five, ten years ago and hardware-focused ways.” To achieve that, he wants the company’s massive research and development centers to “work around the clock, non-stop.”

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Smartphone Shoot-out of 2014 Part 1: Flagship Phones


Apple has just launched the iPhone 5S and 5C. This promises to be a game changer. How do the phones for 2014 stack up? TwentyFirstTech will be doing its first shoot-out to help you decide on your next smartphone. First up: The flagship models.

For part 2, go here.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini sneaks into M1 stores

The miniature version of Samsung’s latest flagship device, the S4 mini, has discreetly hit Singapore shelves.

For a while, we here at 21st Tech thought that we’d never be able to see the S4 mini in Singapore so soon, but today as we walked past an M1 store (yes, the same one where we discovered the HTC Desire 600 DualSim), we saw a dummy model of the S4 mini sitting quietly on a display shelf.

When we went back to check M1’s website, sure enough, the S4 mini was listed there, for a whopping $448 on M1’s Sunsaver plan. You can view the device here. Unfortunately, the device is NOT listed on Starhub’s and Singtel’s website. Does this mean that its an exclusive? We hope not. Anyway, let’s check out the specs of the newly-released device. Click in to find out more… Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S4 mini sneaks into M1 stores”