Sony D6503 ‘Sirius’ Rumour Mill

UPDATE (22/02/14): AnTuTu benchmark info shows that the D6503 will only have 2 GB of RAM rather than the prototype’s 3 GB.

While Sony managed to very impressively keep the Z Ultra Google Play Edition’s existence under wraps until launch, it seems that their next device will not be protected by an as strong veil of secrecy. While it has been just 4 months since the launch of their current flagship the Z1, it has been nearly 8 months since the Z Ultra released and 11 since the ZL launched.

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HP set to launch Android smartphone, maybe next week

HP’s tenure as a smartphone manufacturer has been largely disastrous. They began with Windows Mobile, and moved on to WebOS after acquiring Palm in 2010, which failed spectacularly. Now however, it seems that HP is going to get back in the game, this time with the world’s most popular handheld OS – Android.

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