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Twenty First Tech is a technology magazine. It was originally intended to be Nicholas‘ personal blog, to satisfy his passion to write and express his opinions on phones and gadgets. His friend, Shiv, joined soon after, helping with the design of the site and eventually becoming an invaluable editor of the site. The site soon expanded when Kapilan, Shikhar, and Zayne joined the site as core editors, before many other like-minded, talented individuals later took interest. When PR agencies of the various renowned brands in tech started approaching us offering their devices up for review, and inviting us to their exclusive media events, we knew that this was going to be more than just a simple “blog”.

We’ve come a long way since those days. Today we strive to provide reviews and opinion pieces of the highest quality, seeking to reach a level on par with that found on professional technology sites. We are not a company. We are not a professional online publication. We are not earning any more than we need to keep the site up and operational. We write because we want to and love to, and care about the direction the technology industry is taking.

We might be young but we believe that so are you, our readers with a fresh new perspective through the eyes of a younger generation, the digital natives of this age.

Whatever the case, we hope that Twenty First Tech won’t be relegated to the status of “just a hobby” or “merely a blog”, but a worthy attempt at turning our passion into something tangible for our readers to enjoy.

Since we are based in Singapore, we will be covering issues and updates within its shores, as well as our thoughts on new device announcements overseas. So take a look around, read a review, muse over an opinion piece. Like our Facebook Page and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

The Twenty First Tech Team
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Nicholas Foong, Editor-in-Chief

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Shiv Gunter, Editor-in-Chief

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Kapilan M, Managing Editor

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Shikhar Gupta, Managing Editor

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Lin Si Jie, Head of IT and Writer

Tan Yi Heng, Writer

Tommy Ong, Writer

Nigel Gomes, Writer

Seah Yi (Zayne), Writer

Allan Zhou, Writer

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