Jaybird X3 | Third Time’s The Charm

I remember reviewing the Jaybird X2 around 1.5 years ago, and being blown away by the sound quality, because (and most other reviewers would agree) they’re simply the best in the Bluetooth sports earphones category. However, fit wasn’t fantastic, sound isolation was subpar, and I found it painful to wear for long. (That’s the tl;dr version. You can read my original review here.)

With the Jaybird X3, a lot of my complaints are addressed, and it’s gotten substantially better by improving over the X2 and the original Bluebuds X. In fact, I’m surprised they even managed to improve upon an already excellent design, by so much. Continue reading “Jaybird X3 | Third Time’s The Charm”

Earin Review: The Most Epic In-Ear Earphones You Can Find (at a Price)

Recently, I received a pair of Earin Bluetooth earphones. You may realise that this is the same pair that was on Kickstarter a few years ago, and it promises a totally wire-free experience that no other pair of Bluetooth earphones can offer.

Continue reading “Earin Review: The Most Epic In-Ear Earphones You Can Find (at a Price)”

Jaybird X2 Review – Simply The Best

The Jaybird X2s have a bit of a reputation for being the best wireless earphones out there. In my review, I explore whether or not the Jaybirds deliver the best sound in the business, and we come to some surprising, and some not so surprising conclusions. Continue reading “Jaybird X2 Review – Simply The Best”