Samsung announces resolution for Note 7 customers in Singapore

Samsung Press Release. Singapore, 12 October 2016 – Samsung Electronics Singapore announces remedy options for Galaxy Note7 customers in Singapore, following its advisory for Galaxy Note7 customers to power down and stop using the device. Singapore customers will be able … Continue reading Samsung announces resolution for Note 7 customers in Singapore

Canon Powershot G3X Review: Heavy duty, long-range Sniper

Currently, if you own a DSLR and want a super-telephoto zoom lens, your cheapest options will be the Sigma 150-600mm and Tamron 150-600mm lenses. If mounted on APS-C cameras, the 1.6x crop factor yields you a 240-960mm full-frame equivalent focal range. However, those lenses alone cost over a thousand dollars each, and you don’t even get the luxury of wide shots with the lowest focal length on offer being 150mm.

Have no fear, the Canon Powershot G3X is here. It is a bridge compact camera, and it has a massive focal range of 24-600mm (that is after factoring the crop factor of approximately 2.7x). The best part is, you can get the whole camera for just S$1199 — money that would go into the above mentioned lenses alone.

Now, I don’t mean to say that anyone purchasing those lenses is foolish — in  fact, the above lenses give you the versatility of DSLRs, and they undoubtedly have better optical quality. However if you’re not someone who demands DSLR versatility in every situation, or could do with a lower optical quality, then the G3X is for you. Continue reading “Canon Powershot G3X Review: Heavy duty, long-range Sniper”

Dummies’ guide to understanding smartphone specs

So you’re in the market to buy a new smartphone, and you find yourself with a plethora of choices from all sorts of different manufacturers, each one hurtling a maelstrom of numbers and digits in your face. This is a guide to teach you all about those numbers, and what they do and do not tell you. Continue reading “Dummies’ guide to understanding smartphone specs”