CES 2015 Round-up – Asus, LG and Dell steal the show

Computer Electronics Show. The biggest annual electronics fair in the world, it attracts over 3000 exhibitors, 150 000 attendees and occupies nearly 2 million square feet of space every year without fail. It is a tiring effort to keep up with all the product launches and announcements, so we have decided to summarise CES for you right here.

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HTC One (E8) Review – Polycarbonate Power


When HTC launched their flagship One (M8), I was quite disappointed with their choice to go with the 4 MP UltraPixel camera. Not long afterwards though, they released a 13 MP variant, albeit in polycarbonate. Read on to find out how this alternative stacks up to the M8, and whether it is any good.

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Google unveils the Nexus 6, 9 and Player

As has become customary with Google, big announcements usually just… appear. No keynote, no fanfare, nothing of the sort Apple is doing for their iPad event tomorrow. And as was with the case with the Nexus 5, their new devices are just… here.

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[IFA 2014] HTC announces Desire 820, a powerful 64-bit smartphone

When the iPhone 5s launched one week shy of a year ago, Apple unveiled what was the first 64-bit smartphone processor, the Apple A7. Most reviewers praised it, for it meant a huge boost in performance, evidenced by the extremely in-depth Anandtech review. The first Android device to wear the 64-bit badge of honour was the Desire 510, but it was quite daft. Its processor was a measly 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 410, with 1 GB of RAM and a 4.7-inch 854 x 480 pixels display. What’s more, Android L wasn’t (and isn’t) out, so you couldn’t even unlock the 64-bit goodness.

Now, however, 64-bit on Android is very attractive, all thanks to HTC’s new arrival, the Desire 820.

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[IFA 2014] Sony announces Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact

Photo Credit: The Verge

While most manufacturers have until recently stuck with a yearly release cycle, Sony isn’t content with it and has trimmed it down to 6 months. So, fast forward to September 4, and enter the Xperia Z3. Looking every bit iterative over the Xperia Z2, previous owners would not find much reason to upgrade. However, while they’ll be fighting a tough battle in the large device market, they’re simply going to steal the show with the smaller Z3 Compact. Read on to find out why.

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HTC releases Butterfly 2 for Asian Markets

HTC has announced the Butterfly 2 for the Asian markets. The phone was previously launched on KDDI in Japan as the J Butterfly but will now be available in other Asian markets.

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