PSA: LinkedScoop Scam (Deliveroo Is Involved!)

Recently, Deliveroo contacted us through their PR agency, LinkedScoop, to post a sponsored article. The article has since been taken down because we have realised it was a scam as no money was paid, and in its place, we are putting up a Public Service Announcement to warn fellow bloggers about working with them. Also, Deliveroo, by approving such a scam, is involved, and we are naming them so that our readers are aware of their unethical business practices and can choose to boycott them should they wish. Read on to find out more.
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Goodbye Moto G, the Redmi is in town for half price

The Motorola G launched in Singapore last month with great fanfare Рthere were overnight queues; something we only see reserved for the latest Galaxy or iPhone device. For $318, it offered you a quad-core Snapdragon S400 processor at 1.2 GHz, a 720p display, and a decent 5 MP camera. Well guess what Motorola, hope you enjoyed your brief reign at the top of the budget chain, because Xiaomi is here with the Redmi, a device that offers extremely similar specs for half the price.

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