How to Improve Your Emails Using Email Signatures

Signatures in e-mail are like the final chord in the symphony. Short but essential; it does have an importance.

Imagine yourself being a pianist playing at some musical competition. You play like Mozart in his 7 years, and everything is going great, but suddenly you falsely played the very final chord. Applause will come (because the audience is polite) but the first prize will go to somebody else.

Similarly, an email signature is crucial to nailing that first impression.

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Samsung permanently discontinues Note 7

In a filing with South Korean regulators on Tuesday, Samsung Electronics has said that it would be permanently halting production (and sales) of the embattled smartphone. This news comes a day after they had ‘temporarily’ suspended sales and exchanges of the device after replacement sets that had allegedly solved the battery issue continued to catch fire, with at least 8 reported cases.

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Sony executive confirms that “there will not be a Z6”

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HP set to launch Android smartphone, maybe next week

HP’s tenure as a smartphone manufacturer has been largely disastrous. They began with Windows Mobile, and moved on to WebOS after acquiring Palm in 2010, which failed spectacularly. Now however, it seems that HP is going to get back in the game, this time with the world’s most popular handheld OS – Android.

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Asus announces ZenFone line

Asus announced their ZenFone line, which consists of three smartphones running Android. Think these are just standard Android phones? Not really. These phones run on Intel Atom Processors, and they are cheap.

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