Meet J Rental Centre — an ‘Airbnb’, but for cameras

So you’re a student. Or just don’t have a lot of money lying around. However you’ve got a photography project to fulfill — something that needs better equipment than you already have. So, you fire up Google and search for a camera and lens rental business. Thing is, you live a good 2 hours away, the prices are far too much, and the collection and/or return timings for the equipment just don’t suit your schedule. Continue reading “Meet J Rental Centre — an ‘Airbnb’, but for cameras”

Canon EOS 70D Review – Enthusiast Snapper


Canon announced the EOS 70D last year in July, which got everybody excited. It featured a brand new sensor, with a larger pixel count, and was aimed at enthusiast photographers. It replaced the EOS 60D which had launched 3 years ago, and added dual-pixel CMOS Autofocus which made it a very good video camera as well.

Continue reading “Canon EOS 70D Review – Enthusiast Snapper”

To fly or to teleport? – how digital cameras have transformed photography

Written by: Guest writer Tan Qi

Photography is an art that transcends time. Amazingly, a camera has the ability to freeze and capture a moment and somehow make it last. Sometimes a lifetime, maybe even longer. A photograph is like a vivid memory that can be shared, and that never fades. Over generations, great photographers have captured stunningly beautiful photographs, still widely appreciated and marveled at to this day; while others have captured painful ones that serve as checkpoints and lessons in our lives. For instance, the Napalm girl photo by Huynh Cong ‘Nick’ in 1972 during the Vietnam war still holds immense significance today. Continue reading “To fly or to teleport? – how digital cameras have transformed photography”