China and Fintech: Reverse Engineering Western Technologies?

In this article, our guest writer, Luke Hatkinson-Kent, a Freelance Financial Writer, discusses whether China may eventually stop copying ideas and technologies from US tech companies. If you like his work, you can reach him at [email protected].

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Smartphone Giants Experience Market Turbulence Ahead of Releases

The coming weeks and months are hugely significant  for Apple and Samsung. The iPhone 8 is set to come out later this month, whilst Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is rumoured to be in development, with the Note 8 about to hit stores. Both companies have had a lot to contend with lately, particularly the latter.

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Jaybird X3 | Third Time’s The Charm

I remember reviewing the Jaybird X2 around 1.5 years ago, and being blown away by the sound quality, because (and most other reviewers would agree) they’re simply the best in the Bluetooth sports earphones category. However, fit wasn’t fantastic, sound isolation was subpar, and I found it painful to wear for long. (That’s the tl;dr version. You can read my original review here.)

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