Moto G (2014) Review


When the original Moto G launched, it was lauded for providing stock Android at superb speeds for just S$318 and became Motorola’s best-ever selling device. However, it had some shortcomings such as the lack of a micro-SD card slot and did not have the best of battery lives. Read on to find out what we thought about the refreshed version one year on.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Review: X(PERIA) marks the spot


The Xperia Z3 is fourth in line of Sony’s Xperia Z-series, and it is at best an incremental upgrade to the Z2. However, that is not to say that the Z3 is a bad device. It packs quite a punch that might just be enough to knock out all of the competition.

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HTC One (E8) Review – Polycarbonate Power


When HTC launched their flagship One (M8), I was quite disappointed with their choice to go with the 4 MP UltraPixel camera. Not long afterwards though, they released a 13 MP variant, albeit in polycarbonate. Read on to find out how this alternative stacks up to the M8, and whether it is any good.

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Moto G (2014) available in Singapore for S$298

Motorola brings the new Moto G to Singapore consumers starting from October 28 for only S$ 298 for the 8 GB version. The new Moto G comes with a 5” brilliant bigger display, stereo sound, an all-day battery, and the latest Android OS.

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Google unveils the Nexus 6, 9 and Player

As has become customary with Google, big announcements usually just… appear. No keynote, no fanfare, nothing of the sort Apple is doing for their iPad event tomorrow. And as was with the case with the Nexus 5, their new devices are just… here.

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[IFA 2014] Asus announces ZenWatch at €199 (S$329)

And let the games begin! With IFA kicking off today, the first smartwatch announcement comes from the Taiwanese manufacturer Asus, more well known for their motherboards, graphics cards and laptops than their mobile division. While they are not the first to hop onto the Android Wear platform – Motorola and LG jumped aboard in March – they do have an intriguing feature in their watch. Read on to know what it is.

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LG G3 Review: Pop-eye


It is no secret that while LG is a massive family-owned conglomerate, it is widely viewed as the lesser of the two South Korean giants compared to Samsung. LG only really made their mark last year in October with the G2, and now they have launched the G3 in quick succession. The G3 is a stellar device, sporting a 1440p display spread over a mammoth 5.5 inches, but as it turns out, the enhanced display ends up being its Achilles’ heel instead.

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