Sony Xperia Z5 – First Impressions

Yesterday we got a chance to go down to Sony Singapore’s launch of their recently announced Xperia Z5 smartphones (except for the Z5 Premium – that’s launching slightly later) and see just what Sony has pulled out of the bag this time. For more information on the specifications, what’s new in the three devices and what’s not, you can also check out our article on the IFA launch of the Z5.

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Samsung reveals the Galaxy S5

As the world smartphone market leaders, what do the head-honchos at Samsung do when it’s the annual time to update their flagship? Stuff with more features that may or may not be useful at all.

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Google approves first Cyanogen Phone

It was a decision that had many Android geeks holding their breaths, with the biggest ones being held by the team of Cyanogen Inc. About three months ago, Cyanogen Inc. (then simply CyanogenMod) had announced the decision to go incorporated, and had announced a tie-up with an OEM we now know to be Oppo. They had then applied for verification from Google to allow the users of their own version of Android to use Google services, the most important being the Play Store. Well, guess what? Google has given Oppo and Cyanogen Inc the go-ahead to release the first Cyanogen phone.

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