Flying in low visibility? No problem, we’re still landing.

Ever taken a flight where outside, all you can see is grey, with your aircraft’s wing hardly visible through the assault of the rain or dense fog? Felt a bit of terror when landing in these conditions? Wondered just how did the pilots get you on the ground safely? Well, wonder no more.  Continue reading “Flying in low visibility? No problem, we’re still landing.”

Your USB cable could be killing your computer

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you come across a bad USB cable? Slower charging speeds, no support for data transfer, broken cables at worst? That’s what we thought, until we chanced upon this post by Google engineer Benson Leung.

your usb cable


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Dummies’ guide to understanding smartphone specs

So you’re in the market to buy a new smartphone, and you find yourself with a plethora of choices from all sorts of different manufacturers, each one hurtling a maelstrom of numbers and digits in your face. This is a guide to teach you all about those numbers, and what they do and do not tell you. Continue reading “Dummies’ guide to understanding smartphone specs”