Jaybird X3 | Third Time’s The Charm

I remember reviewing the Jaybird X2 around 1.5 years ago, and being blown away by the sound quality, because (and most other reviewers would agree) they’re simply the best in the Bluetooth sports earphones category. However, fit wasn’t fantastic, sound isolation was subpar, and I found it painful to wear for long. (That’s the tl;dr version. You can read my original review here.)

With the Jaybird X3, a lot of my complaints are addressed, and it’s gotten substantially better by improving over the X2 and the original Bluebuds X. In fact, I’m surprised they even managed to improve upon an already excellent design, by so much. Continue reading “Jaybird X3 | Third Time’s The Charm”

The Paperless Future | Are We There Yet?

Ever wondered about going entirely digital and ditching paper entirely? Here’s a review of the different types of digital paper solutions out there, and my opinion on solving this age-old problem of achieving a paperless future. I’ve long been tantalised … Continue reading The Paperless Future | Are We There Yet?

Fleksy — the best keyboard an iPhone can have

One of the great things about iOS 8 was that Apple finally opened up keyboards to third party developers. And while most of you will be content with the default iOS keyboard or with the more famous SwiftKey, there is one keyboard that I’ve found to be truly exceptional.  Continue reading “Fleksy — the best keyboard an iPhone can have”

Android M Developer Preview – A First Look

It’s been almost a year since Android L (Developer Preview) was released, and it’s time for the next iteration of Google’s mobile operating system. At Google I/O 2015, the Mountain View Company revealed Android M (Muffin?) with images available for immediate download.

Read on for a first look into the new system.

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[Commentary] Mozilla ends partnership with Google

Mozilla Corporation recently announced their terminated relationship with Google. In the newer version of their Firefox, Google will no longer be the default search engine, in favour of Yahoo! (which is powered by Bing’s search algorithms) in most countries, Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.

But is this a wise choice?

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