HTC One (M9) Review


Just half a year ago, HTC released the One M8. The M8 was an amazing phone, but now it is time for its successor, the One M9, to pick up the mantle as HTC’s flagship. The One M8 tied up many of the M7’s loose ends, but there were still some aspects HTC overlooked. If the One M9 carries on that trend of excellence, it could turn out to be the phone of the year. Unfortunately, however, we found that the M9 isn’t much of an upgrade over the M8. Although it does present some solid specs and a lovely user interface, it doesn’t warrant an upgrade over any of last year’s flagships. That being said, it is still an enjoyable phone to use, and may well be the right phone for you if its shortcomings don’t bother you. Continue reading “HTC One (M9) Review”

HTC Butterfly 2 Review: Another Flagship?


It was 2 years ago that HTC released the original HTC Butterfly, albeit without much fanfare. This was a bit absurd, because it was a more capable phone than their international flagship of that year, the One X, in many regards. It touted twice the RAM, a full HD screen (the first for a mobile device), and a slightly larger battery. It seems that good things come to those who wait. But now it almost seems as if HTC just got a new casing for the E8 and jacked up the price. Let’s see whether this device has anything really different to offer.

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ZTE Blade Vec 4G Review


Along with the Blade L2 and KIS 3, Chinese manufacturer ZTE has recently released their Blade Vec 4G in Singapore, a mid-range smartphone at a budget price of S$299. However, it faces tough competition from the existing phones in the market, such as the similarly spec-ed Moto G HTC Desire 610 and Xiaomi’s processing powerhouse, the Mi3 (which retails for just $40 more). With so many players, it will have to deliver some serious performance if it really wants to stand out.

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