UAG Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Remember the time when you had no problems with a bulky casing (think of the likes of Griffin cases) to provide all-round protection to your phones, because your phone was so small for it to be of a concern? However, as phones have grown in size over the past few years, it may now be a little problematic if you wanted to use a similar casing – your big phone will become even bulkier. Will there even be space for it in your pockets? This is why I believe that as phones grow bigger, manufacturers will have to look at striking a balance between protection and portability. Here, we review the UAG Case for the iPhone 6 Plus, which I believe has indeed struck this balance I have been talking about.  Continue reading “UAG Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review”

iPhone 6 Plus Review: Bigger than bigger or just an iFad?


Steve Jobs once said that no one’s going to buy a big phone, defending Apple’s decision to not produce phones with sizes like that of their rivals. Yet, the announcement of the 4.7” iPhone 6 and the 5.5” iPhone 6 Plus revealed that Apple has indeed bowed to market demand for phones with bigger screens. For many people who have held off buying an iDevice due to the miserable screen size (like myself), this was the go-ahead, with the flagship devices finally receiving flagship-standard screen sizes. As with all phones, the iPhone has its fair share of pros and cons.

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Xiaomi Redmi review – Low in price, high in quality


What is the kind of phone which comes to your mind when it is priced at S$169? Budget phones which are barely functional with unresponsive touchscreens and begin to lag after weeks of use? For too long, this has been the kind of standard which consumers have come to expect and Xiaomi has shattered this perception with their budget phone, the Redmi, also known as the Hongmi in China. Even at such low prices, the Redmi manages to pack in a power seen in mid-range phones into a dirt-cheap device.

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This app brings third-party app notifications to HTC One’s DotView case

The Dot View case for the HTC One M8 is among the most innovative accessories available for any Android device. While it can show your missed calls, voicemails, text messages and more, it is limited to only the HTC specific apps, which greatly limits its usefulness. A developer over at XDA forums has taken matters into his own hands and released an app, dubbed Venom DotView notifications, that can display notifications from all the third-party apps installed on the One M8 on the case.

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