Destiny 2’s Forsaken: A Turn in the Tide for Bungie

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion seems to have turned the tide around for Bungie and Activision. The previous expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind didn’t seem to be make much of a big hooha amongst Destiny fans, and many players dropped out after just a short period of time. Forsaken on the other hand, is no letdown.

Forsaken’s campaign probably got many people’s attention because it made us bid farewell to one of our favourite characters of all time, Cayde 6 and then proceeded to hook us with a decent amount of playtime and some pretty fun boss fights, which were extremely varied, giving us the chance to explore multiple different strategies and subclasses needed to fight against the unique nature of each boss. Riding on pikes to fight the Pike Rider was definitely one of the most memorable experiences I had in all my Destiny adventures.

The new location where you spend the bulk of your early campaign, Tangled Shore feels just like any other location, which was disappointing, and the fast travel points were too far apart in my opinion.

Interesting use of Bows in Destiny 2

The additional questlines known as pursuits are also now far more enjoyable, with solid depth and substance. Some of them however, especially those that involve Crucible matches can get really tiring.

The latest location released awhile back after Tangled Shore, the Dreaming City, has a much more secretive style to it, which is in stark contrast to the old spoonfed storylines. I definitely loved this location especially with its large patrol area, with novel bounties and fun-filled ways to earn powerful engrams.

The Dreaming City

If you’re a fan of lore and stories, the Dreaming City is definitely an area you want to visit to find well-hidden collectibles to give you pretty sick lores.

What’s unique about this location is that there’s only 1 fast-travel location within the city itself, because of the travel hub located within the dreaming city, leading to all unnamed areas.


You have more subclasses to choose from and you can now unlock even more branches within each subclass. These subclasses are planned out extremely strategically, and when used right, can be a whole load of fun.


The new game mode, Gambit is not your typical run-of-the-mill multiplayer FPS gamemode and its definitely unique and intriguing. It takes Strike and Crucible, mashes them together to give you a co-op competitive mode.

The well-designed mechanics and balanced turnarounds such as the Primeval Slayer mechanic, challenging enemies that drop more motes when you kill them is surely fun after a couple of boring team deathmatch style FPS games.

Generic Year 2 Updates

For those of you who wish to know how we feel about the new year in Destiny, here goes:

Checklists for the OCD


  • Triumphs and collections give the game many checklists to chase
  • New weapons system is interesting, makes power weapons feel truly powerful while letting guardians wield moderately high impact weapons in the special slot; random rolls are interesting although they do change weapons entirely (are better devils still better devils without explosive rounds? Is outlaw killclip devils better than base devils?) in addition to nullifying old armour and weapons
  • Prime engram drop chance, gives you daily powerful gear helps players level up faster
  • Clan bounties actually require you to work for the powerful engram
  • Much harder to get exotics, which makes exotics feel exciting, as they should be


  • Old complaints like shader dismantling or crucible matchmaking have either not been addressed, or Insufficiently so
  • Very little meaningful changes to game as a whole for non-forsaken players, many upset that random rolls causes their gear to become obsolete
  • Collections don’t allow obtaining of random rolls gear, ie gear that dropped as random rolled can’t be reobtained if dismantled

Overall, we still feel that Destiny 2’s Forsaken is probably the best expansion Bungie has released for the game, way better than Curse of Osiris, that’s for sure. We definitely do recommend new and old Destiny players to check it out. It sure is worth its money this time round.

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