Google Pixel 2 XL Review — Return to the Android throne?

Pricing, Availability & Conclusion

Pricing and Availability

Another sticking point about the 2 XL is how it is available only with Singtel, and only on contract. Prices range from $1098 for the handset on Combo 1 ($28/mo), to $348 for the handset ($96/mo). This is marginally more expensive than the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB, though it does offer superior hardware.

You cannot purchase it from Google’s store directly, nor can you get it from Amazon. There are various third party retailers offering the device such as and local store Mobyshop, but purchases from them means that you miss out on the local warranty.


The best way to conclude this review, in my opinion, is to tell you whether I’d purchase the Pixel 2 XL or not. In my current situation — that is, being the owner of a first gen 128GB XL — the 2 XL is not that compelling an upgrade package over my device. The original XL’s photos and videos are still superb, it is still as smooth as the day I got it, and the battery has not degraded too badly.

However, if I was purchasing a new phone, I would definitely be pulling the trigger on the 2 XL (had I the money to). It’s got an excellent camera, excellent battery, and most importantly the best software experience you get on a phone right now bar none. This is despite the poor QC plaguing the device, something I am willing to go through multiple RMAs for, because this is honestly the best Android experience right now. Sure, it’s not as dominantly the best as the first one was, but it’s right up there for sure.

Will you be getting the Google Pixel 2 XL?

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