Logitech M585 Review

What makes a good mouse? There are a variety of factors at play. For some, great ergonomics is the mark of a good mouse. Others value precision and low latency. Wireless mice today are effortlessly painless to setup, and so is the Logitech M585 regardless of whether you choose to connect with Bluetooth or using the Unifying USB Receiver that comes in the box. Logitech aims to take the M585 one step ahead of the rest in terms of ease of use.

The Logitech M585 is mid-range portable mouse with all of the essential features. It’s compact, ergonomically shaped, and has navigation buttons in addition to the standard ones. It uses a 1000 DPI optical sensor and had multiple ways to be connected to your computer. In almost every regard, it’s a pretty standard looking mouse. But if you’re regularly using multiple computers, then Logitech Flow will give you the cross-device control you’ve been waiting for.


The primary pairing process is incredibly simple. If you’re using Bluetooth, you just turn the mouse on and search for devices from your computer. The M595 will show up on the list, and selecting pair completes the process. If you’re using the Unifying receiver, you’ll want to run the “Logitech Unifying Software” that comes with the mouse to complete the pairing process.

You’ll notice that we didn’t have to enter pairing mode on the mouse. Most Bluetooth hardware can only communicate with one device at a time. This mouse can handle multiple connections, so it’s always in pairing mode. Just search for it on a nearby device, and it will pop up.

If you want to setup Logitech Flow and control multiple computers with one mouse, you’ll need three things. First, each computer must have Bluetooth or a Unifying receiver. Each computer must be connected to the same WiFi network. Finally, you’ll need to install Logitech options on each device.

Once all of that is in order, you just pair your mouse with each computer using the process described above.

Logitech Flow

To move the mouse from one computer to the other, you just drag it to the edge of the screen. Once it crosses the boundary, it will pop over on your other device. The effect is seamless as if you were using a dual monitor system.

But this is only the basics of what’s possible. You can drag and drop files from one computer to another. Text copied on one can be pasted on either. Although you can’t drag windows between systems, everything else is fully synchronised.


As a portable mouse, this is much smaller than most full-size options available. In spite of this limitation, it’s still very comfortable to use. Both sides are gently curved in. When you squeeze it between your fingers, you’re making full contact with your whole finger. We found it most comfortable to hold between your thumb and ring finger. Like this, it’s easy to perform any manoeuvre, as well as lift the mouse off of your desk.

The top of the mouse is smooth, and the gentle curves match that of your hands. Both the scroll wheel as the navigation buttons were easy to find. You fingers tended to rest next to then, so actuating them was more a matter of rolling your finger rather than lifting it up off the mouse. Compact mice aren’t always our first choice, but the M585 is as good as it gets regarding ergonomics.

Final Verdict

If you’re one who uses multiple computers at one, the Logitech M585 is objectively the most intuitive and seamless multi-monitor mouse on the market. It also has great ergonomics for it’s size and price, and also looks good on your desk.

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