How Tech Start-Ups Can Stand Out from the Crowd When Seeking Investment

In this article, our guest writer, Luke Hatkinson-Kent, a Freelance Financial Writer, shares some tips on how tech start-ups can stand out from the crowd when seeking investment. If you like his work, you can reach him at [email protected].

The technology sector is one of the fastest growing industries across the world, with the UK one of its leading lights that has attracted £28 billion in investment since 2011. This has resulted in it becoming an incredibly competitive market, with new start-ups appearing all the time and vying for investment to get started and grow. It means that any fresh technology start-up will need to prove it offers something truly different and worthwhile to secure investment. Of course, don’t forget these crucial issues tech startups tend to overlook!

Introduce New Ideas

Introducing a new product or service is the best way to instantly stand out above your competitors. There’s no point trying to get investment for something that has already been done countless times before, investors will be seeking something new and exciting. That’s what will catch their eye and convince them to part with their cash. It doesn’t even have to be the product or service that is new, if you have a fresh way of marketing it or just a slight tweak to an existing idea.

Have Outstanding Presentation

Presentation is key for securing investment, from a professional website to contemporary offices that deliver the right impression. Your website will likely be the first thing any potential investor checks out, so this needs to be well-presented. While many start-ups will be working out of their home or a small office, using top quality serviced offices can also help provide the impression of a successful business that is on the up.

Market Effectively

In order to get the attention of investors in the first place, you will need to market your business well. This can be done affordably by start-ups through social media, blogs and attending industry events that offer great networking opportunities. Online is the cheapest and easiest way to attract attention, through viral campaigns and PR, which can lead to media exposure and attract the attention of potential investors.

Provide a Guarantee

By offering a guarantee to any investor they will be more likely swayed to part with their money. This could be anything from a set number of sales, downloads or anything else. You need to be fully confident in your product or service as any guarantees will need to be delivered or you will risk losing investment for further growth.

These tips can aid any technology start-up that seeks investment to kick-off and grow, by helping them stand out in an increasingly competitive industry.

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