PSA: LinkedScoop Scam (Deliveroo Is Involved!)

Recently, Deliveroo contacted us through their PR agency, LinkedScoop, to post a sponsored article. The article has since been taken down because we have realised it was a scam as no money was paid, and in its place, we are putting up a Public Service Announcement to warn fellow bloggers about working with them. Also, Deliveroo, by approving such a scam, is involved, and we are naming them so that our readers are aware of their unethical business practices and can choose to boycott them should they wish. Read on to find out more.

So, basically, a certain Bob Gunn from LinkedScoop sent us an email about a month ago.


Hope all is well,

I represent an innovative company called Linked Scoop, and we’re looking to create unique and relevant content for your website, that both you and your readership will enjoy.

After doing some research into your website, I would like to reach out and see if you might be interested in working together on an article, featuring a link to my client, who work in the food industry, and because the client is of a family friendly nature, I feel it would easily integrate with your website.

I would be open to a mutually beneficial partnership, and if you feel that this is of any interest to you, please feel free to respond.

Kind regards,

Bob Gunn

Digital Media Executive – LinkedScoop


After I replied, he told me he would send over an article on Deliveroo for us to post, and he stated that we “can be paid via PayPal within 20 working days of the article live date”.

The article was a review on the Deliveroo app. We posted the article and upheld our end of the bargain, and waited patiently for the payment to be made.

15 working days in, we sent Bob Gunn an email inquiring about payment, but there was no response. We then emailed every working day, and even CCed their support email, but there was no response. Today, Friday the 13th of October, is the 20th working day, so I took down the post and have replaced it with this.

I am not very sure what sort of scam this is, but it might have something to do with basically bumping Deliveroo’s pagerank in Google searches so that they are at the top of searches more frequently. This is something called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and is done frequently by companies, which is perfectly fine. However, what is not fine is for them to contract LinkedScoop to scam unsuspecting bloggers such as ourselves, into posting their articles to bump Deliveroo’s pagerank, without paying us for our service in giving them the views.

I am boycotting Deliveroo and urge you to do the same. Also, I don’t usually ask people to share my posts, but if you’d like and you feel comfortable doing it, I encourage you to share this post and show the world what unscrupulous business practices Deliveroo is employing just to grow their company. Also, to my fellow bloggers specifically, please be careful and do your research before agreeing. I should have, and regret not doing so.

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