Deliveroo App Review

We all love having something good to eat. We can look forward to a certain meal for a long time, whether that’s one we make ourself, one prepared by a friend or family member, or if we get it at our favourite restaurant. We can have little variety in our cuisine or we can constantly be trying different things, if that’s that’s buying things from a store or going to different eateries. A restaurant can be a magical place as we will go there knowing we will receive quality food that we couldn’t possible make ourselves. Visiting such a place regularly can be a real treat but sometimes you can’t make it there. If you’re busy, tired, at a convenient spot or whatever, you may want some of your favourite food but you can’t go there.

Things have changed though. Deliveroo is here.

What is Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is a service found the world over and which originated in the UK. It takes the simple idea of takeaway delivery but does a lot more. Rather than calling a single restaurant and asking for a certain food to be brought to you, Deliveroo can bring you the world. Simply download their app and you can select from a wide number of restaurants in your area to purchase food from.

Ordering food with The App

The Deliveroo app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android, with a browser version also being available. You enter your address and it will bring up various compatible eateries in your area which work with Deliveroo. This will give you a wide range of options, so you can order Italian, Chinese, Indian or whatever you prefer. Make an account, put in your details and then you select the meals you want from the right restaurant. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal. The order will be sorted and then the fun begins.


A delivery service isn’t worth anything if it can’t actually make delivery swift and convenient. Deliveroo goes beyond the usual procedure to do more. You will receive regular updates on your phone as to when your food will arrive. You will know when one of Deliveroo’s couriers has picked it up from the restaurant and is on the way to your address. You can track their location to know exactly where things are and how long they will take, so you can easily prepare for your incoming meal. What’s great is that they can bring the food to you in various locations, so whether you’re at home, work, the park, about town, etc. you can have a good meal.

Other Things to Know

Deliveroo ‘s wide range of option can help you try new things. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut with what we eat, but with such ease and flexibility, you can conveniently try healthier options and international flavours. The app can also provide recommendation and recipes, so you can always mix things up.

The Takeaway

Deliveroo is a very useful service, one that’s becoming increasingly popular. Ordering takeaway has never been easier and it can quickly change your food routine for the better. If you’re interested to give it a shot and haven’t signed up before, simply click on this link and sign up for an account and you’ll get $5 off your first purchase.

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