HTC U11 Review

Performance, Battery Life, Miscellaneous

Performance and Battery Life

Where the U11 shines brightest, other than its back, is in its performance. With the latest Snapdragon 835, this phone is stupid fast and buttery smooth, and touch latency is probably the best I’ve seen on an Android phone other than Google’s own Pixel. Compared to my OnePlus 3, the U11 is noticeably more fluid in its animations and responses. Kudos to HTC for pulling this off. The default animation speed was a little too slow for my liking though, but this was easily fixed by reducing the animation scale to 0.5x in Android’s developer options.

6GB of RAM is more than you’ll get in most other flagships, and it’s wonderful

The unit that I’ve got is a 6GB/128GB variant, which is the model on sale in Singapore. 6GB of RAM is more than you’ll get in most other flagships, and it’s wonderful; multitasking will never be an issue. 128GB of storage is more than sufficient for most people, and for the few who still find it insufficient, microSD expansion is supported up to 2TB.

Battery life is decent. The 3000mAh battery gets me through the day with Bluetooth and LTE/Wi-Fi on the whole time, while playing music through HTC’s USonic earphones for hours at work. For reference, GSMarena gave it an endurance rating of 73h, which is slightly above average. QuickCharge 3.0 is also onboard for fast charging, getting you to a full charge in just over an hour.


  • The vibration motor in this phone feels rather cheap and unsatisfying
  • There’s no Bluetooth 5.0, but it will apparently be added in a future software update
  • The double tap to wake function doesn’t work all the time
  • There is no 60FPS video recording, but HTC has announced that this will be made available in a future update

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