How to Improve Your Emails Using Email Signatures

Signatures in e-mail are like the final chord in the symphony. Short but essential; it does have an importance.

Imagine yourself being a pianist playing at some musical competition. You play like Mozart in his 7 years, and everything is going great, but suddenly you falsely played the very final chord. Applause will come (because the audience is polite) but the first prize will go to somebody else.

Similarly, an email signature is crucial to nailing that first impression.

Now let’s come back to reality and see how you can improve your e-mail by adding such a small trifle as signature. Well designed and structured, it can call the recipients attention and improve your work significantly. Here are some email signature examples.

Basic signature includes:

  1. your name
  2. title
  3. company name
  4. contact details
  5. logo
  6. social media platforms you use


You may add to your signature whatever you want. You may keep to a classical style or go into baroque. If it is suitable to your company brand, it will do.

Let’s have a look at some tips to create a professional e-mail signature.


Here are some design rules which will make your e-mail signature more eye-catching and balanced.

1.  Choose the right colours.

The first thing to start when making your e-mail signature is colour choice. If you don’t have defined logo of your company it is better to have a look on this scheme.  Choose your basic colour and add several with combine well with it. For example yellow, red and blue, etc.

2. Make it short.

You know – “brevity is the soul of wit”. Especially when it comes to e-mail. Respect this rule, please. Nothing else to talk about in this passage. Keep it short.

3. Separate the information.

If you couldn’t manage to follow the 2nd rule and you want people to know more about you, use lines to separate the information. Separate the information by colour, so the reader can absorb the information step-by-step.  It will make your signature more structured. For example:

Promotional banners

Just to make it clear, a strip of graphical detail usually placed under the rest of the signature is called a promotional banner. It can be a picture (as in the example below) or a philosophical quote. It may vary depending on your aim. It is something you want your recipient to look at when they finish reading your message.

If you have a special offer for your clients like free trials or new solutions – place it there!

– Have you won an award recently? Tell it to your recipients!
– Do you want to distribute invitations to an event you are going to? Place it there!
– Have you written a book you want your readers to read? You know what to do.

 Just include the necessary information to the promotional banner of your e-mail signature.

Here are some examples of promotional banners.

Call-to-Action in Signature

It is easy to give a feedback in the musical concert – people usually applause after the play. But what will your audience do at the end of the message?  Show them the way they are expected to answer your request. Do they need to follow your company page on Facebook or visit your blog? Define your goals and include call-to-action into your signature.

If you want the recipient to visit your website – just add a button with a text like “Learn more” or “Click here”.  Such a small detail at the end of your message can help you a lot.

An e-mail signature is a perfect way to make your letters more personalized and eye-catching. Use the information mentioned above and don’t forget to follow the “melody” of your letter. You shouldn’t underestimate e-mail signature and definitely don’t forget about it either. The final chord is always something that people remember most.

In the interest of full disclosure, this was a sponsored post.


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