Sudio Regent Review

The last time we wrote about Sudio, the Swedish headphone company, we were taking a look at the wireless earphones Sudio Vasa Blå.

Now, Sudio has a new product – a pair of gorgeous on-ear bluetooth headphones.

The Regent is designed to be both portable and fashionable, while also providing great audio quality. Sudio promises all three at a price of S$229, which is relatively low for headphones of this type.

Does the Regent keep up with its promises, and is it worth spending your money on? Let’s find out.


The Sudio Regent comes in a simple but sleek red-bowed white box that looked stylish. Inside the box was the Sudio Regent, a pair of swappable marble caps (which I’ll get to later), an AUX cable and a charging cable.

The headphone also comes with a free marble-design smartphone case in the box, and you can choose between most of the major smartphones (iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models).

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The unboxing experience sure oozes a feeling of minimalist elegance and class – will that same feeling continue to the product itself?

What’s in the box?

  • Sudio Regent headphones
  • Audio Cable
  • Charging Cable
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Guarantee Card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Complementary Marble Caps

I am rather disappointed that the Regent does not come with a carry case or pouch – something that is essential for small headphones designed to be as portable as these.


The first thing that stands out about the Sudio Regent is the design. They’re extremely simply built, but time and again it has been proven that simplicity can be gorgeous. The Regent comes in 2 colours, black and white, both with gold accents. Furthermore, one can customise the design of the Regent by swapping out the earcup plates. A pair of marble earcup plates of our choice are included in the box – and you can swap them in quite easily if you wish.

One minor gripe with the design, however is that the position of each headphone doesn’t stay fixed after you adjust them. It moves too easily, causing you to have to re-adjust almost every other time you put them on.

Some parts of the headphones are built with a cheap-feeling plastic, while other parts — like the leather — seem quite nicely built.

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Otherwise, the Sudio Regents look great. They look sleek and stylish, very much like a product that would come out of Cupertino.

Audio & Connectivity

The Regent offers dynamic speakers at 50mm which are able to respond to frequencies between 18 Hz–22 kHz. The Bluetooth pairing works great – and is really fast at connecting with devices. It’s range is also amazing. I had several instances where I’d leave my phone on the table and walk across the living room (about 10m), and have absolutely no problems with the smoothness of the audio.

For relatively small cans, the Regend does a splendid job of isolating me from the noise surrounding me.

While the Sudio Regent looks great, does it sound great as well? The bass is quite well tuned. There’s plenty of bass frequencies here — kick drums are nice and pronounced, bass guitars shine, and synth basses resonate quite well. There may not be enough bass for the true hip-hop fans among us, but there’s still plenty, and I truly enjoyed the heart-thumping sound watching movies that no in-ear headphone can truly provide.

The mids are a little less impressive. The low-mids on the headphones actually sound quite nice — they compliment the bass well. The high mids, however, have quite a bump that gives the headphones a distinctly ‘radio’ feel. It’s not too bad in most songs, but in a few, you can really hear it sound ‘cheap’. Again, it’s not over-the-top-terrible, but audiophiles will definitely notice it and should steer clear of the Regent’s.

The stereo capability of the Regent is slightly lacking however. If you plan on using these headphones for gaming  (and you really want to know where you’re being shot from), you should think twice.

All that said, the Regent are excellent sounding headphones for the majority of consumers, particularly given its reasonable price. It would not satisfy the whims and fancies of audiophiles and gamers, but then again, it doesn’t aim to.


Several ‘portable’ on-ear headphones have bitten the dust because they aren’t comfortable for long periods of use. The Sudio Regent does rather well in this regard. It’s light and has plenty of foam on both the earcups and the headband – so even long listening periods are comfy.

However, as with any on-ear headphone, the Regent does press on your head a little hard – something that can be noticed if you’re wearing it for north of 3 or 4 hours. The upside of this, however, is that you can count on them staying on your head if you plan to workout with them.

I’d definitely have enjoyed memory foam instead of the standard foam provided, but the price does justify the choice for most consumers.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Regent is pretty great at 24 hours of listening time. It’s good enough to be a portable pair of headphones you can carry with you on commutes, and even use at work or home.

Final Thoughts 

Sudio has had a reputation of choosing style over sound with their previous products. They were gorgeous and were more of fashion statements rather than great-sounding headphones.

The Regent attempts to change that. While the Regents do look stunning, it also packs quite a punch in the sound quality department. If you want to have a stylish commute while listening to your favourite music, all for under $229, the Sudio Regent is for you.

Thanks to our friends at Sudio Sweden, you can get 15% off by using the promo code twentyfirsttech when you checkout.

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